Hey everybody, im a noob and im looking into making a caselman airgun or girandoni style automatic gun. (for those of you not familiar with a. The Caselman air machinegun was designed in the late 70s by Jeff Caselman. Several were made and sold, along with plans and a construction video. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held Caselman Explorations, Box , Cameron, MO “.

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Caselman air machine gun without mill or lathe Author: It is illegal to own a BB or airgun in Philadelphia too, but everyone just ignores the law. Caselman Air Machine Gun Video!

Kind of like those full-auto BB guns at the carnival. Wearing flip flops in a metalworking shop tells me all I need to know about this guy.

Show us the love, I have machinists friends.

More people get killed by 22 LR than any other caliber. Do you mean the thing that is a low powered. The original used a full-auto sear machibegun to accomplish selectable semi-auto and full-auto fire. Not exactly the same due to its cocking system, but nonetheless incorporating the same principles.

If memory serves in NY city it is illegal to own an air gun of any kind…figures in a slave state…. That much power in a small calibre needs the couple of thousand psi the Caselman uses, which implies pressure rated parts that will need a significant investment.


Gotta watch out for your local laws; http: The weapon can be extremely powerful for 30 shots or tuned down to shots for cazelman shooting.

In total there are 20 users online:: During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people! At a high enough rate of fire, even. I wonder if theres some way to jury rig that up. As to machinfgun valve system, this is a good place to start with standard faselman Author Message Caselman air machinegun Author: I think I would rather have a luty pipe gun… though this would be nice and quiet.

Did I miss a link to improved blueprints? Logout [ Google [Bot] ].

.32 Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos)

The parts lists contains all of the parts and recommended materials, as well as standard sizes and cost estimates for purchasing parts from a small metal supplier. This gun was designed with the idea that any and all guns could be banned and ammo could be illegal or unavailable, this is why we strongly urge you to have these plans.

Machinegum co2 in those tanks is at psi at 80 degrees. Where it really comes into play though, is with pistols since handguns are still registered and subject to a requirement for transport permits. Logout [ Google [Bot] ]. Jeff built several of the guns in 9mm caliber, one in.

Who is online Registered users: Air Supply A steel tank of about cubic inches was used on the originals. So I may be a bit rusty on machinegu real world of today. If you had access to such materials and equipment, it would be far easier to build a psi cloud strafer, with similarly devastating performance. Some thought would be needed in configuring the set-up to keep it compact, streamlined and reasonably user-friendly, but it should be feasible.


Steve Johnson I founded TFB in and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into madhinegun largest gun blog online.

Hpa tanks, when used on paintball guns, are regulated down to a lower pressure. I am indebted to my good friend Mad Abe, a former “Soldier of Fortune” turned author see www. The information is broken down into the following sections:.

Cal Caselman Air-Powered Machine Gun (UPDATE: More photos) -The Firearm Blog

You see any videos on that site? In testing, several bursts cycled at rpm. Those non carbon wrapped aluminum air tanks have a working pressure of psi.

It was ugly, but it worked. The staff of one at Airmachinegun. Receiver The receiver tube is made from DOM steel tubing. I wouldn’t mind one of those