Sands writes books that keep readers coming back for more.”Katie MacAl. When I think of vampires, I think old world. And computers are definitely new world. So, of course, I couldn’t resist marrying the two in Love Bites. Turning a three. Read Love Bites (Argeneau #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Love Bites is a Romance novel by Lynsay Sands.

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But it’s all a bit more complicated than that.

Rachel Garrett straightened at Tony’s question and wiped the back of her gloved hand btes her forehead. She was the head coroner at night; it was her responsibility. It’s also one of those books that are heavy on the romance and determined to have a perfect HEA.

Which was probably the reason for the hesitation, she decided. Etienne Argeneau has created the very popular vampire video game, Wands Lust, and now he is working on the next one.

Love Bites

The plot is cute but retold over and over, the characters are fun but not fascinating and the book just doesn’t draw you in, let’s just say there is no “wow” in it. That’s just how good is was. This is one of those “vampires as people with fangs” book.

After checking him out again, then a third time, she moved closer to examine him more minutely. lysay


Rachel wished her own red locks were half as healthy. He has to save Rachel Garrett. That meant she had to remove the rest of his clothes to examine his lower front body, but she would need help from Tony in turning the man to examine his back. I’m going to grab a java. Aug 15, Whitney rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 09, Mitticus rated it liked it Shelves: This was great and definitely had me reading into the wee hours of dawn.

He was holding “beavertail” and “dual palm swells. This was a really good book. Using this website means you are okay with this but you can find out more and learn how to manage your cookie choices here. If he turned the wrong woman Better than the first one and super sexy! The name he’d been given at birth was Teodozjusz Schweinberger. He was a John Doe. She decided to prove her point to herself and suddenly stepped forward and swung out, expecting her hand to sail through thin air.

Such things weren’t normally needed and she hadn’t thought to grab one. She also really, really cannot lie.

Love Bites (Argeneau #2) by Lynsay Sands

bitws The allure of vampires lies in their strength and seeming invulnerability, but Etienne Argeneau, this book’s bloodsucking hero, is curiously incompetent when it comes to dispatching a crazed mortal named Pudge who’s intent on lopping his head off. He was still fully clothed and in a rather sharp- not to mention expensive- designer suit.


I almost want to say I enjoyed this book more than the first one! Books of the Week.

Just don’t expect it to be a re-read. These books will definitely get your blood pumping! The Trouble With Vampires. She just hopes he tastes as good as he looks My Thoughts: Her corpse cried out in surprised pain, but Rachel hardly noticed, she was busy crying out and leaping away again. This doesn’t mean I am signing off on the series I want to see what happens to Lucern et al.

Only one problem — he’s lying on her morgue gurney with a big gunshot hole blown through his chest! Visit her official website at www. Rachel hated being sick.


Death, on first glance, appears to be due to pynsay caused by gunshot wound. The EMTs had ripped his shirt open, then laid it back across his chest. She was quite put out by finding out that she is now a vampire and now has to stick to the nighttime all the time.