Buy Los dientes del dragón by Upton Sinclair, Pablo González-Nuevo from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases. : Los dientes del dragón (Paperback): Language: Spanish. Brand New Book. Title, Los dientes del dragon, historia novelada. Volume 9 of Biblioteca de grandes obras famosas. Author, Upton Sinclair. Translated by, Luisa Rivaud.

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While certain parts of the book were wittily written and contained slight suspense, as a whole it utilized the overused storyline portraying a brave, handsome hero Lanny who not only saves the day but also his damsel in distress Irma. Jarrett McCall rated it it was ok Jul 15, Sinclair also ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Socialist, and was the Democratic Party nominee for Governor of California inthough his highly progressive campaign was defeated.

The beginning is very tedious no it takes forever to get going.

Dragon’s Teeth

These high rollers, used dragoh having money and privilege, looked upon Hitler’s National Socialism as a way to respond to the ls labor movement that was threatening their wealth and dragonn of industry. Lorraine Medved rated it it was ok May 18, This title is available for purchase digitally now. No trivia or quizzes yet. Sinclair was a progressive when it came to society at the time so I won’t dwell on those flaws.

I’ll call it “Oops! They thought that Germany’s wealth industrial lords would temper and ultimately control Hitler and his movement and in doing so would make Germany a counterbalance to the influence of communism in general and the Soviet Union specifically. But what struck me most, as I read this book, was the uncomfortable comparisons of the path “Hitlerites” took as they gained more and more power and the path the Tea Party in this country is taking.


Want to Read saving….

The book takes place from to or so and really is about the rise of power in Germany of Hitler and the Third Reich. Dragon’s Teeth was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel.

Laura Clark rated it it was ok Jan 26, And we feel, through Lanny and his family, the stark startled horror when his power increases and his Storm Troopers become an official government organization rather than simply a pack of street thugs. Right across Europe the propaganda machines denounce communism as anti religious and violent. Kimberly rated it it was ok Aug 08, A world conqueror has to be a drragon of few ideas, and those fixed; a peculiar combination of exactly the right qualities, both good and bad—iron determination, irresistible energy, and no scruples of any sort.

Kindle Editionpages. But they rely on their friends in the government, unaware of the trap set and ready to spring on them.

Lanny uses his influence to help ainclair members of his half-sister’s family from Germany and gets caught up in the power struggle within the Nazi party in the progress. Here is the engaging history of mankind’s worst period told in a way that matches the epic proportions of the Alpine surroundings and the abyss of the Nazi horrors.

Characters interesting and at times maddening. Well…not in the house, of course. The way they controlled the people and convinced them of the nonhumaness of the Jewish people is terrible.

Our society may show many flaws to a reader seventy years in the future and Mr. His The scene is set with the global stock market crash and the impending Depression. Mostly set in Germany during This Pulitzer Prize winner from has flaws, many of them which are sexist to the modern reader. Interesting to read the many points of view of a troubled world, post WW I.


In the second half of the book, the pace clicks into high gear as Lanny struggles to rescue Jewish relatives from imprisonment and torture in Germany.

Los dientes del dragón, Upton Sinclair | El blog de Lahierbaroja

I’m nearing the end of this Pulitzer challenge, and this book along with the not-at-all famous The Reivers makes me think there’s a category I’m missing in my spreadsheet. I realize that they had telegrams and took trains – transportation and communication weren’t instantaneous – so perhaps that’s why the rise of fascism seems so matter-of-fact, as if it were just a new government to be bought off.

The book starts slowly, following the events of Lanny and his family as they cope with the changing times. She is depicted as shallow and mindless, possibly due to the wealth she inherited from her family and thus the lack of any knowledge in consideration to real world problems.

Here are some examples. However, there are clouds on the horizon in the form of the rise of the Nazis.

These all too human characteristics of saying, “oh, it won’t be that bad” resulted in a reign of terror unequaled in modern history. Sinclair has a superior gift in his use of facts and political and social detail and consequences to capture and sustain interest.