Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment [Lisette Larkins] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For most of us, difficult people are the bane . Lisette Larkins. from: $ Talking to Extraterrestrials: Transforming Our World with the Help of Enlightened Beings. Lisette Larkins. from: $ Listening to. Discover more about Lisette Larkins. Read their interviews on Coast to Coast AM and learn about their background.

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Join a group of enlightened extraterrestrials, who extend an invitation through their contactee, Lisette Larkins. They tell us that they are here now and offer to help us along the way as we gently shift toward a peaceful future. The first edition of Talking to Extraterrestrials was first published in Only by recognizing our innate abilities can we effectively design the experiences we desire.

They inspire us to become fully empowered, creative beings adept at manifestation. They inspire and challenge us to perceive of ourselves and them as neighbors within the same community of families and to accept our responsibility as self-reliant masters of creation.

Author’s Note The first edition of this book was written, and then published, soon after some very dramatic ET encounters; at the time, I was insecure and fearful of criticism and struggled with my inability to remember and recall more details of these encounters.

Now, a decade later and following more ET contact in addition to my own expanded spiritual growth, I have moved beyond these fearbased reactions. In some cases, I have posed new questions with additional answers, and the ETs have modified or expanded upon their previous replies.

As such, I have added new comprehensions, recognitions, and cognitions that are borne after a lifelong friendship with the ETs. Like any relationship, my relationship with them has evolved and expanded over time, which is reflected in this updated and revised edition. This explains why there is now an enhanced tone and comprehension on my part, in contrast to my sometimes fearful voice in earlier editions. In those places, my questions and the ETs answers are stated mostly as they were in the original edition, despite the fact that I have long since evolved beyond the voice of that frightened young woman of my past.

I might also add, as others have noted to me in their correspondence, that Talking to Extraterrestrials is basically a conversation with enlightened beings who have come here to nurture and help us through our own evolutionary leap, as others have done for them at similar stages of their development. Thus, while my questions were somewhat limited by my own encounter experiences at that time, their replies were far-ranging and included, among other topics: Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Telepathic Coaching by Enlightened Beings. A Gateway to Enlightenment. From the Author Author’s Note The first edition of this book was written, and then published, soon after some very dramatic ET encounters; at the time, I was insecure and fearful of criticism and struggled with my inability to remember and recall more details of these encounters. Rainbow Ridge; Lagkins edition September 2, Language: Start reading Talking to Extraterrestrials on your Kindle in under a minute.


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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention talking to extraterrestrials lisette larkins read the book reading this book believe that this book earth ets beings course group humans spiritual contact communication experiences message planet universe aliens effect.

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Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It seems to me that once a larkina mind is made up, no book or verbal argument will change that person’s mind. This applies equally to religion, politics, an afterlife, the spirit world, reincarnation, etc.

But if one’s mind is open and there is a curiosity and a belief that we as lisettte we may not know what exists beyond our limited senses and comprehension and understanding.

Imagine a fish in the ocean, he has no awareness that a whole complex world lies beyond the surface. An ant walking on the surface of a computer has zero awareness what amazing complexity lies beneath his feet. If we lqrkins the size of the known universe and our tiny planet, we are no bigger that a microbe or a virus.

Who are we to think we are such big shots that we know everything? Scientists who should know better often discount a lot of the mystical because they know better that many of these things are not possible. They are so certain that they won’t even research the subject. They won’t read any books or talk to people who have had certain experiences similar to other people across the globe. They assume that these thousand of people are lzrkins hallucinating – never mind that there are certain similarities in their collective experiences.

If even one incident of communication was true, then of course we are being visited by beings from outer space.

As has often been said, until a UFO lands on earth, say, in Larmins, and beings descend and communicate with us, absolute belief will be limited to a relatively larkind people. Something about this is discussed in the book. Of course with our present suspicious war-like minds the scene would probably unfold much like the movie “War of lisettd Worlds. It was business as usual all over the globe: Wars between nations and factions within nations; cold blooded murder and indiscriminate killings by gang members in the big cities; untold cruelty in many prisons in various countries, and last but not least, a general exploitation of the passive population by those in power.

But it was all about to come to an end: Who are the firepeople? They are simply humanoids from Alderbaran. Alderbaran is an aging star about 65 light years from earth. So much emery radiates from Aldebaran that if it was larkibs close as our sun, our oceans would boil away.

Similar authors to follow

Lisefte may be wondering how living creatures could possibly exist on such a place. In order for life energy to manifest in physical form it simply takes whatever material is at hand then slowly evolves it over millions of years to complex organisms.

That is what happened on earth. But lqrkins only logical result of an environment like Alderbaran would be creatures of pure energy. The temperature of each Alderbaran creature is degrees. About 25 of them landed in the ocean off the coast of Virginia aboard a comet. The cold water extinguished the glowing comet in a cloud of steam, but had no effect on the firepeople.


They simply walked along the ocean bottom causing the water around them to boil. As lisettw approached the beach a lonely surf fisherman witnessed 25 fiery figures come out of the ocean in huge clouds of steam.

As they walked past him they paid him no heed, but the heat from their bodies singed his clothing and hair, and fully cooked a fish that he had just landed.

The fisherman was practically in shock from the sight he had just witnessed. As they passed he thought he heard one speak with a kind of a sizzling sound, but it was in English. Just burn it to the ground. The exact same scenario was being played out all over the so-called civilized world. Every major capitol was being paid a less than friendly visit by the Alderbaran people. Of course all infighting between earthlings was about to come to an immediate stop. Now it would be us against them.

However the weapons against them had not yet been invented. Nothing in our present arsenal was going to have the slightest effect on them.

Word quickly spread ahead of the group of fiery invaders. Of course, the fisherman had immediately dialed and the police had arrived within minutes.

They thought he must be delirious, but the singed clothing and fried fish were difficult to explain away with no fire around. Something very ominous was certainly afoot that night.

The police quickly called in reinforcements and then asked the police captain to call in the National Guard. Although the firepeople had appeared to avoid residential structures along the way, there were several small grass fires that had burned out in the area they had passed, as well as a several burning trees.

The fires had triggered calls to the fire department and sirens were screaming everywhere. The hail of bullets had no effect whatsoever, and to the dismay of the men involved they were left with all their vehicles on fires as well their clothes. The officer in charge immediately radioed for reinforcements but felt it was a useless endeavor.

Of course the same was happening in Russia and China and all the other countries. A force of 25 Alderbarans had approached each capitol city where the seats of government were located.

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But back to our situation: By now the group of invaders were approaching Washington D. Air force jets had been scrambled and were already zooming down and strafing the group. When that had no effect, they decided the smart bombs were the answer. All these did were to blow the creatures apart temporarily with blobs of fire shooting off their bodies then immediately returning back in place. Even fire retardant dropped from the planes had lrkins effect.

The firepeople seemed completely unfazed by the attack. As they marched into the city they seemed to have revised their plan to burn the entire town.