View and Download LG-Nortel Aria Soho feature description and operation manual online. Aria Soho Adapter pdf manual download. If the cable wiring is all done, LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO can be installed in under an hour. Here is a simple manual how to do it right. LGN and ARIA SOHO are trademarks of LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective.

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If a destination station is busy, the incoming call returns a muted ring signal, so the Station user can pick up the incoming CO call as needed.

Digit Modification Table pgm Intercom Tenancy group attendants only effect the Intercom Tenancy group they belong to. System Timers I Co Line Assignment Display pgm To assign a Flexible Button, perform the following: Dial the activated Conference Room number On the left side the Station Numbers will show up.


LG Nortel Aria Soho Ldp-7224d

System Data pgm – Analogue Cli Display When the system reset happens, all login agents are automatically logged out. Station Serial Call Don’t have an account?

Linked Souo Pairs pgm The Station can be programmed for Headset operation in place of the Speakerphone mode of operation. An extended menu will open down in the box. If this feature does not operate, verify if the Speakerphone is enabled or disabled.

Lg-nortel ARIA SOHO Manuals

Co Line pgm This feature can be programmed to activate only once, or to repeat daily. The System assigns the Call Log list from the first available port in order.

In Room Indication Here is a simple manual hortel to do it right. Recording User Vmib Announcement It should be positioned on port 4. Select the port type Modem Connection.

Unified Call Distribution ucd Group Automatic Call Release Disa direct Inward System Access Operation To select the music source from the Attendant Station, perform the following Steps: Enter the appropriate CO Line Range 8.


Check the boxes and chose ON from the drop-down menu.

On-hook dialing is not available on all keysets. Attendant Call And Queuing Chime Bell pgm Automatic Call Distribution acd Lcr pgm – In your case put all extensions without the the master desk extension which need an access to the lines i.

Co Line Name Here the CID is sent after the bortel ring, so we usually setup the PBX to wait 1 ring before it sends the call ariia the telephone set. Call Time Restriction Station Feature Cancel Print Port Selection pgm