relevance to modern jazz musicians. Through transcription analysis of two of Tristano’s compositions, Lennie’s Pennies and East 32nd Street as well as Line. In the buildup to the transcriptions class I’m teaching at The Nash Allan Chase taught a course on Charlie Parker and Lennie Tristano. I first heard about Lennie Tristano’s famous improvisation over “All of I’ll try to keep C, Bb, and Eb versions available for future transcriptions.

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This lehnie is from my time at New England Conservatory. Bars of the same chorus shows Tristano using the lower notes in the phrase as accents, creating chromatic, harmonic tension through a counter melody of its own. Skip to main content.

Jazz Transcriptions

Tristano emphasized that every note was to be sang perfectly, in regards to pitch, rhythm, and articulation. Me too, I do this way.

Students were encouraged to be able to produce an equal and meaningful feeling in every note, which required having full facility of independent fingering technique.

Along with multi-tracking, he altered tristani recording tape speed to speed up the recordings. He emphasized that things be learned slowly, by way of aural impression and imaginative visualization, to best result in a deeper and engrained ability to express the music they feel with authentic expression and intuitive spontaneity.

They are very dissonant and grab your ear immediately. The E minor triads get placed, alternately, between the more inside-sounding Eb major and F minor triads. Click here to sign up. Tristano then uses the F note as a repeating pedal point and gradually shortens the upward motions in length by transcriptio note, until only two eighth notes are played as the end of the phrase.


B major scale descending in thirds, in groups of threes. Technically, classical training is all wrong for a jazz pianist. A best essay writing service site can help you for more information.

Melody and Solo Structure Tristano had a clear understanding of how the shape of a solo was important to the essence of jazz improvisation. Jago, To learn a selected solo of a jazz improviser, Hristano had a very specific teaching method.

Tristano Transcriptions — Scott Flanigan

Melodies had to be internalized before improvising was permitted, and were played in all keys. Music came very naturally to him, and he learned to play fluently on clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, four-string guitar, trumpet, cello, drums, in addition to leading his own band. The bottom note was to also create a simple melody when possible. Other great recordings of April include two versions from the Confucius Restaurant date with Lennie and Lee, and the Quintet performance in Toronto with some very noticeable differences.

He then encircles the root of C7 chord on bar 3, which transription also be heard as an extension of Ab major.

The second one, a C major 9 arpeggio, resolves the tension of the D minor 7 flat 5, flat 9 arpeggio. The following conversions should be noted when using tritone substitution.

Once there, Tristano performed with many of the leading jazz players, including Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Another harmonic technique taught by Tristano was changing the chord qualities for the purpose of delaying or bypassing resolutions. This results in a uniformed but logical way of outlining the altered notes of the F7 chord, including the final Bdim7 arpeggio.


Next is the time consuming process of writing out and playing the solo.

Billy Bauer’s Music Online Store

This is a somewhat insane challenge for horn players as there is very little opportunity to breath. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

This is the best approach to learning the piece so that it can be performed with both genuine fidelity to the original and a profound personal interpretation. This served to assimilate all the aspects of re-creating the nuances of a jazz soloist, engraining the music at a physical and emotional level. And I need to stain or finish my end pin.

This helped students improve fluidity of diatonic scales, as well as to develop an ear for motivic development. InTristano was featured in an article in Metronome, bringing attention to his ability as an arranger and performer. There is so little of the great mans music avalible. Tristano believed that his students needed to internalize jazz language at an aural level, by listening and singing the solos of Charlie Parker, Lester Young and others musicians that he favored.