The Lavochkin La-5 (Лавочкин Ла-5) was a Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II. It was a . Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters (Red Star Volume 10). Among the fighter aircraft thrown into the fray was the Lavochkin “LaGG-3”, and La-7 — as well as the “La-9” and “La” piston fighters of the immediate postwar . It could be distinguished from the La-5F by the fact that the La-5FN’s engine. Buy Lavochkin’s Piston-Engined Fighters: (Red Star, Vo.l 10) 1st Edition by Yefim Gordon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Very late La-5FN production models had two 20mm Berezin B cannon installed in the cowling in place of the heavier two 20mm ShVAK both were capable of a salvo weight of 3.

The first lacochkin machine, made in Leningrad, took to the air in Decemberwith the first Gorkiy-built machine following on 23 January Retrieved from ” https: The La-5 had its defects.

Lavochkin La-7 – Wikipedia

The British test pilot, Eric “Winkle” Brown was given the chance to fly an La-7 at the former Erprobungsstelle Tarnewitz Luftwaffe aircraft test station on the Baltic coast, shortly after piston-engindd German surrender in May It also depends on altitude. By July, Stalin ordered maximum-rate production of the aircraft and the conversion of any incomplete LaGG-3 airframes to the new configuration, now simply known as the La-5 despite Vladimir P.

La drone V missile Lunokhod lunar probes. He was hired on to the Soviet TsKB aircraft design bureau, working on a number of projects; inhe and Mikhail I.

Noticeable distinctions, along with the four millimeter cannon, included square-tipped wings and tailplane, as well as a one-piece canopy that slid back to open. The Bearcat probably had the edge on climb and manoeuvrability, but was not such a good weapons platform nor as good in instrument-flight conditions as the Sea Fury. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Lavochkin La-5

Although it scored a number of kills on US aircraft, the Americans quickly drove the North Koreans out of the sky, and never lost air superiority through the rest of the war — though the Soviets intervened in the air and persistently challenged the Americans, with Soviet-piloted Las scoring some kills against USAF night intruder aircraft. However, Lavochkin threw his team into getting things fixed, while VVS pilots figured out the strengths and weaknesses of the type.

TsAGI staff modified an La-5FN accordingly and flew it in trials in late and earlydemonstrating dramatically improved performance. When the prototype took flight in March, the result was surprisingly pleasing — the fighter finally had a powerplant that allowed it to perform as well in the air as it had been supposed to on paper. La drone V missile Lunokhod lunar probes. Although, as discussed below, the LaGG-3 would be bypassed by improved Lavochkin fighters, somewhat surprisingly the Tblisi plant continued to turn out LaGG-3s intowith a total of 6, built in all.


The “lash-up” prototype still had a lot of problems, engine overheating being noted in particular by test pilots, but demonstrated that the Mpowered machine was promising. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

Lavochkin Piston Fighters

It was rather fightera the Fw versus Spitfire IX situation — they were so evenly matched that if they met in combat the skill of the pilot alone would have been the deciding factor. Semyon Lavochkin was of course keenly interested in this work, with an La-5FN modified in generally the same way, performing trials in early A second prototype, the “LaD”, was also put through trials. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Although evaluation uncovered a long list of defects, they were rectified, and the type was put into production with the service designation of “La-9”.

They were a match for the Messerschmitt Bf and the Focke Wulf Fw, and several pilots were awarded the decoration Hero of the Soviet Union for their exploits in these aircraft. I’m lenient in giving permissions, usually on the basis of being properly credited.

The Sea Fury was sent to war in Korea, where it proved itself an excellent warplane, notably downing a MiG jet fighter in An La-5FN was forced down behind German lines; the Germans repaired it and flew it in Luftwaffe colors for evaluation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While still inferior to the best German fighters at higher altitudes, the La-5 proved to be every bit their match closer to the ground. By that time, the general inferiority of the LaGG-3, particularly relative to the Yakovlev Yak piston fighters, was placing its future in jeopardy, with Yakovlev lobbying to take over plant capacity for the production of his aircraft.

The quality of the early production aircraft was significantly less than the etalon due to issues with the engine, incomplete sealing of the cowling and fuselage, and defective propellers. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lavochkin La Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Top Ten most formidable piston-engined fighters

It also was fitted with a reflector gunsight and a gun camera in the wing. One cause was the lower position of the engine laochkin intakes in the wing roots of the La-7 which caused the engine to ingest sand and dust. Lyotno-Issledovatel’skiy Institut and proved to be only 6 kilometers per hour 3.


There was actually little or no parts commonality with the La-7, however; in fact, it looked more like a German Focke-Wulf Fwwhich may be why NATO later assigned it the reporting name “Fritz”.

This would not have been possible on the P as the same space was occupied by the turbo. It was the only plane in the war that could escort our bombers all the way to Germany, outfight the German fighters, and then escort the bombers all the way home…you could say they single handedly won the war in Europe…. By now, the shortcomings of the LaGG-3 had caused Lavochkin to fall out of Joseph Stalin ‘s favour, and factories previously assigned to LaGG-3 construction had been turned over to building the rival Yakovlev Yak-1 and Lavochkun It is hard to argue adjacent the final iterations of the prop fighters being the best Bearcat and Sea Fury.

Captain Eric Brown, who flew both, sums it up rather neatly: By that time, Gorbunov and Gudkin had moved off the design team to other duties, with Lavochkin taking over responsibility for the LaGG-3, working at State Factory 21 in Gorkiy, which was to become the primary manufacturing facility for the LaGG At first we received regular La-5s, but then we got new ones containing the ASh FN engine with direct injection of fuel into the cylinders.

The flight tests validated Lavochkin’s modifications and it was ordered into production under the designation of La-7, although the B cannon were not yet ready for production and the production La-7 pisston-engined the two mm ShVAK cannon armament of the La TsAGIfelt that it could be improved upon. Pizton-engined were fought at altitudes of up to 4, meters [13, feet] with obvious advantages fightefs the Fw and Bfboth in speed and in horizontal and vertical maneuvers The P increased its internal fuel tankage with an fuel tank aft of the cockpit and under the radio shelf.

It had a non-retractable tailwheel, the oil cooler relocated to a “pod” under the engine cowling, plus blinds for night and instrument flight training.

Adapting the LaGG-3 to the new powerplant was not trivial, since it was wider and heavier than the MP inline; it also had no provision for a motorcannon, meaning the armament scheme had to be rethought.