Goketsu Monogatari del anime Naruto se basa en un personaje famoso en la historia del siglo XIX, aparecen incluso Tsunade y Orochimaru. Pero no sólo estos. Orochimaru (大蛇丸) is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a. manga naruto leopoldo medina · About · PARALELO 1. «Deidara · Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari (La Leyenda de Jiraiya el Galante)».

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What if he was galxnte of the bullshit that Konoha kept dealing out to him and decided to make his own mark on history? Asked mum to be my valentine, whilst wearing my henryedwardapparel bow tie. Watch what happens when Naruto unlocks it at an early age and becomes even faster, giving rise to the Flash Fire.

There she meets Naruto and soon, many exciting adventures await.

Only when she was sold did she realized that her buyer was not old but rather young, perhaps a little too young to be such a noble man. Naruto is a poor boy begging for money on the streets of NY.

NarutoxHarem Naruto – Rated: Orochimaru was getalenteerd, maar had ook een honger naar macht. But just before he returns to Konoha, she gets help from an unlikely source. Killing in the name by yuzepi reviews Naruto es desterrado luego de la pelea con Pain, pero no se va solo. Secret arousal by checkplease reviews Ino and Naruto have “fun” in secret. Los Delirios de la Virgen by Gabe Logan reviews Hinata, es una joven casta y virgen, que tratara de proteger su virginidad de manos de el delincuente juvenil Naruto, para ello usara los mas bizarros metodos, aunque malentienda todo.


Return of the Fallen Prince by vsizzel reviews Lelouch Lamperouge is living a happy life at Ashford with his sister Nunnally. Featuring smart, snarky and sneaky ninja.

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Naruto is unable to find an answer and decides to become the Head. A Testament of Things that Never Will by Unbiased Abyss reviews How will the world change when a battle hardened Naruto from the future comes to the past?

Loving this Nose on the Go colour combo. Mix in a smitten Goddess, an asshole fox and you have a chaotic Maelstrom The world will cower before the Black Fox. One lucky dog will be enjoying a good snuffle very soon! What happens when Naruto gets older and bloodlines start to appear.

Yet his old life just had to haunt him.

M – Spanish – Chapters: Osebafrom Named Graph: Check chapter 5 Enjoy! Lonely people by koukacs reviews Young Naruto was rejected by everybody and acted as a tough person in order to hide it.

Now she must do everything in her power to protect him and help him reach his dream, to be Hokage. It was actually his bloodline limit that allowed him to travel so fast. Find out what life would be like now for Naruto Naruto – Rated: How dde this affect both of them, and others? Aniyasha vs Jan di-chan Naruto – Rated: His entire being, shielded by a mask that ninja feared.

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Warning, incredibly fast Naruto. He needs a furever home but in the mean time he is making pals and I loved him.

Nuevo capitulo postergado hasta nuevo aviso Naruto – Rated: Hitsugaya appears to have forgotten Matsumoto, Narumi told him that he was ready for duty. Grin and Bear It by Jetshinsei reviews There are battles to be fought even in times of peace.


Sakura is just about ready to give up on Sasuke; can a certain blonde speed up the process? Can he rebuild the past to make a better future? Tsunade, Jiraiya y Orochimaru. Probably knows I need a bath Let us dive into an alternate reality where the roles are reversed. T – English – Fantasy – Chapters: He has the cure for it – making her fall in love with him. Protecting From the Shadows by winteriscoming reviews Naruto shows up to the Chunin Finals late, and is therefore disqualified.

While the main antagonist in Part I of the series, Orochimaru’s role became overshadowed by the Akatsuki prior to the Fourth Ninja War arc. She can make any man fall in love with her in one month time, right? It all started the day of the Kumo incident at the Hyuuga compound – one action altered the course of history and the ninja world.

Naruto is about to find out. But five years later, things come to ,a and Hiruzen wonders if he made a mistake. Tsunade posee grandes habilidades con las babosas, Jiraiya con los sapos y Orochimaru con las serpientes. Tonight I will mostly be mimicking a foxy squirrel Found by Darui and Killer Bee watch as he grows into the legend he was always meant to be. What if he’d had a different mentor? But this xe exactly the holiday Hatsugaya has expected