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The End by Rick. That is why The Magic Way has earned its reputation as a book no serious magical performer should be without. Over the decades I knew Jay, he very rarely recommended any magic book to me.

And while teaching them, Tamariz carefully shows how his “Theory of False Solutions” works. It has led me to be a better magician. Read the description of the book it is exactly what you get, so don’t be surprised when it is.

The title really reflects the contents perfectly. Understanding Tamariz theory is not for everyone obviously, however if you take the time to really work and apply the principals in this and other books by Tamariz, your magic can not help but improve. Little Door by R. Little light bulbs will go off in your head. Did this review help you? Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 7.


Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. This book requires serious study, and as Juan is probably the best magician alive, his thoughts are very significant.

From the moment it appeared inThe Magic Way was recognized as one of the world’s great books on magic. It is a well-considered plan for making any magic effect more baffling, and its secret more impossible to discover.

It is also a highly remarkable exploration of how one of the world’s unquestioned masters of magic thinks and approaches every trick he does. It will take your performance to the next level. Feel free to contact us.


Your magic grows by infinity with this book Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on December 11th, Your audiences will no have any concept of how your magic is done. Marked Cards reviews. It has been long out of print and highly sought after.

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Tamariz Juan – La via Magica

A great book with fantastic information. Read it again and still more insight and more lights. Do you want to respond to this review? Read our privacy policy. Highly Recommended to all! The Tamariz Ambitious Card routine His Magazine Test with Spirit Slates His remarkable Oil and Water routine Nineteen additional and original Oil and Water sequences And Juan’s version of Al Koran’s “Miracle Divination”, in which, under the fairest-seeming conditions, someone freely thinks of a card in the deck and, without touching the cards, the performer swiftly and unerringly names the one thought of.


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Where It Has To. You will gain new performance pieces, polished by a master, and something even better: Not a text that teaches you a trick, but rather a treatise on construction of effects and how to deal with logical explanations.

I like this book as it will show how to make your magic look like real magic This is truly “The Magic Way”! View our Frequent Questions. Over a period of five years, Juan Tamariz has corrected, revised and updated his classic text. No book is more important than “The Magic Way”.

The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz, is bound to be a classic from one of the worlds greats. A wonderful edition to his other works.