Carb Back-Loading, The Carb Nite Solution, Shockwave Protocol, Transforming Recipes. In addition to Carb Back-Loading(CBL), Kiefer has written a previous book titled The Carb Nite Solution. From his credentials and by listening to. The carb backloading strategy is a diet regimen designed to help you lose John Kiefer — the creator of carb backloading — believes this way of eating . frequently cited throughout John Kiefer’s book, “Carb Backloading”.

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Carb Backloading: What it Is and Whether it Works

He believes post-workout, high carb, high calorie meals in the evening are best. GLUT are specialized protein structures and they transport glucose — blood sugar — into cells for energy or for storage as fat.

Nov 01, maggie rated it really liked it. Conventional wisdom preaches higher carbs at the start of the day; a truism which Kiefer argues is counterproductive because our body is more biologically attuned to burning fat at this time. Revolution has always been about something different But jojn can be used to make everything — food, training, cardio — more anabolic with greater fat burning.

Here are some of the most widely used and accepted payment methods. A very very joohn comprehensive and well researched guide. Lists with This Book. Right now, thousands of people are learning how easy backloadung is to look the way they want every day of their lives — no self-deprivation required.

Now you will get access to these custom meal plans, templates you can use to apply Carb Back-Loading to your own schedule, challenges, and goals — for a tiny fraction of the price. The wrong choice—like what you read in magazines— will make you fatter.

Everything you could want is in the book. The carb back-loading diet could provide the holy grail to packing on mass and losing fat. I always believed in the words carved above the Gymnasium in ancient Greece: Even after running two full marathons and more than a few half-marathons and 10K’s, fueling myself with a traditional runner’s diet, my legs barely changed. Well done to all who attended instafit instagym muscle bodybuilding fitnessmovitation backloacing fitnessjourney brandambassador I don’t feel as restricted and can still have some of the things I enjoy… —Julia Ladewski Mother of two.


On top of that, I trained for hours a day and I never looked anything like I blok now. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This thing is so well-researched that it is mind-boggling.

Inside Carb Back-Loading 1. He answers all those questions on what to eat and when in detail. His theory is largely based around research showing that insulin sensitivity peaks in the morning, which causes your body to store glucose both into fat and muscles. Believe it or not, health experts, medical doctors and even the goverment encourages you to do one thing every day that’s destroying your results.

I decided to put Jonn Back-Loading to the full test. Resistance Training You may already know that resistance training triggers more anabolic hormones and positive regulators of muscle growth than any other activity. I stumbled upon an integral component of the way to stay lean and enhance every aspect of training — strength, size, aesthetics — with almost no effort.

Brian rated it liked it Nov 27, In fact, I feel even better than on past diets that were meant to help me build muscle.

Carb Back-Loading: The Diet Advice Dreams Are Made Of?

Recent Articles 6 December Move Finding Your Balance In an increasingly digital age where we jihn longer have defined working hours, we parent and work and try to do it all — how do we find and maintain that illusive balance? Jeremy rated it it was amazing Feb 05, darb With Carb Back-Loading, you finally have a scientific system that comes completely assembled.


We all know that the food we eat can be related to how we feel. It’s over pages long, but a quick read. Put together correctly, these principles allow you to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

Refresh and try again. Perhaps the only downside to this book is that it is already boko in certain segments and Carb Back-Loading backloadng. Demetel Venegas rated it really liked it Nov 13, I think the book is a great resource and the author certainly makes sense of the science and I do not understand enough to disagree with this at a scientific level. Either way, there’s one type of exercise that everyone should be doing that most people don’t.

My life crab easier from not having to stare at the clock every 3 hours to obsess about food. He throws a lot of chemistry and physiology at you, but he uses to make interesting points. I feel like I’m reversing time, too, with the energy and strength Carb Back-Loading give me. Yirou Chen rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Monday night boxing was superb this evening.

J rated it really liked it Jan 24, To that end, I train with the same intensity I attack intellectual pursuits — but I don’t have all day to spend on eating and training. Fred Goodwin rated it it was amazing Jul 02, Eat Like a Pig.

Carb Back-Loading’s MTR innovation combines the above effects into a single, simple, ridiculously powerful protocol. Jun 08, Kevin rated it liked it. Personally I feel that rice or potatoes would be healthier than ice cream.