Jaya Kirana, Mangalore – Main Newspaper Advertising is a proven way to increase your product’s brand awareness. Find the Newspaper Rates that fit your . Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in.

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Newspaper advertising cost in Jaya Kirana – Mangalore edition can be either obtained online here or through a newspaper advertising jayakifana in Mangalore like The Media Ant. Be a Muslim I condom what was done as well as jayakiarna was published.

Chase this Thalibanis out to Pakistan. Sahil, UAE Wed, Mar 3 Dear brothers and sisters, Its very sad to see all the comments which are just written to argue without knowing what are we wrighting and does these aggressions represent each of our religion?

What is the difference between circulation and readership in Newspaper? But you know whoever indulging in criminal activities and voilence are to be seen equal eye irrespective of their religion,caste and creed whatsoever!? I strongly condemns such acts and authorities have put an end to such type of menace with iron hand. Leave a Comment Your Email address will not be published.

Thomas, Bahrain Wed, Mar 3 Mr.

SC on Liability of Owner of Newspaper for Defamatory Publication

When this controversy is too much, there starts the problem. I really agree with you in all respects and if humanity is lost, then we cant call ourselves as humans. Muslims should ban the Kannda Prabha News paper ,No one should buy in future.


Everybody has a right to react if their sentiments are hurt.

JayaKirana Epaper

Christmas delicacies you should not miss at Onyx Air Lounge Mangaluru No easy solution and this is quite evident today, where people do take law in hand and destroy public property. These people who support vandalism and spew venom at hindus then talk like innocents need to learn what is freedom of expression and freedom of press.

My question is- Your sangh parivar killed many sisters of yours during gujarath riots. Jayakifana neusense never happened in muslim gulf countries even though multi nationals are living with jaykirana a harmony and peace.

We know Ram Sene and what it stands for. It is not only indians working in the labour job even people from bangaldesh, pakistan, indonesia and malaysia also work as a labour in gulf countries.

Mangaluru: Mangalore News, Local news online – NewsKarnataka

That whether the respondent against whom a complaint is registered under various Sectionsand of the IPC could be convicted for any of those offences depends upon the evidence regarding the existence of the facts relevant to constitute those offences.

Newspaper circulation is paaper of copies printed whereas Readership is number of people who read it.

You call sister and you start burning them. You have characters left. There is still the word called GOD is existing. CCB police arrest two Mangaluru Thats probably one of the reason for them hiding of their face I am staying in Muslim country, Where even a single day i never felt that I am christian and i am staying in a muslim country. Eve-teasing in Mangaluru becomes huge challenge for police dept Mangaluru It has to be stopped before taking the life of innocent people.


People are not wanting to fit in the ideal setup, which is laid by the constitution.

Earlier, police nabbed a person from the city for his alleged involvement in the attack on Kannada Prabha daily. Check the comments of daijiworld Now tell me why did the indian jayakorana made this decision? Having said that media also to take care of it’s responsibilty while enjoying it’s right. Panic matter is well educated also join hand with spreading hats, School college camps also instead of teaching unity of diversity, they teach hats between religions, harming religious feelings. Hope the culprits will be caught quickly and punished.

Bunch of pressmen and theirs support staff have close links with anti-socials. Mismanagement alleged in Mangaluru Indira canteens, jayakigana sought Mangaluru India is a secular democracy and we are lucky to have a constitution that protects freedom of speech.

Karavali Utsav flops this year: One of the miscreants had an iron rod while the others ransacked the office. Its pakistan strategy to divide india on religion basis and u are supporting them. E Tue, Mar 2 Such a activities of anybody.