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He considered the conscience of law as essential for the very existence of law. A number of Ilyin’s works [7] [8] including those written after the German defeat in advocated fascism. As ofican volumes of Ilyin’s collected works have been republished in Russia. Die Marxisten hatten recht damit, die Mittelklasse zu hassen, ja sie hassten sie sogar noch zu wenig. However he was critical of the monarchy in Russia.

Ivan Iljin

The authorities and nobility constantly misused their power, i,jin the unity of the people. Inthe German Nazis fired Ilyin and put him under police surveillance. Facing this creative task, appeals of foreign parties to formal democracy remain naive, light-minded and irresponsible. He regarded this work not only as a study of Hegel but also as preparation for his own work on theory of law.

Nachdem er von der Sowjetmacht, die er verachtete, aus seinem Heimatland vertrieben worden war, fand er an der Sache Benito Mussolinis Gefallen und vollendete ein weiteres Buch, eine Rechtfertigung der gewaltsamen Gegenrevolution.

Der Zar war gezwungen, eine neue Verfassung zu erlassen, die ein neues ipjin Parlament vorsah. Later, he assessed the revolution as the most terrible catastrophe in the history of Russia, the collapse of the whole state. Nun und in den folgenden Jahren betrachtete er den Krieg als Teil einer jahrhundertelangen Serie von westlichen Angriffen auf die ovan Tugendhaftigkeit. However, with the October Revolution complete, disappointment followed.

Iljin musste Russland verlassen, weil er von der Tscheka oljin wurde. For the Austrian philosopher, see Ivan Illich. His father, Alexander Ivanovich Ilyin, had been born and spent his childhood in the Grand Kremlin Palace since Ilyin’s grandfather had served as the commandant of the Palace. Ilyin wrote that many Russians believed that private property and large estates are gained not through hard labour but through power and maladministration of officials. His teacher Novgorodtsev was also briefly imprisoned.


Gott ist Russe

Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved in moving his remains back to Russia, and in consecrated his grave. The New York Times. He disputed that an individual could choose their nationality any more than cells can decide whether they are part of a body. Das ist nicht mehr nur russische Philosophie.

According to a letter by Gul to Ilyin the former expressed extreme umbrage at Ilyin’s suspicions that all those who disagreed with him were Jews. This article is about the Russian philosopher.

His ideal was the monarch who would serve for the good of the country, would not belong to any party and would embody the union of all people, ivqn their beliefs ilin. Retrieved from ” https: You can help by adding to it. The alternative way of Russia according to Ilyin was to develop due conscience of law of an individual based on morality and religiousness.

Zu Beginn des Ivan Ilyin was born in Moscow in an aristocratic family that claimed Rurikid descent.

In he entered the Law faculty of the Moscow State University. Seine Werke sind nicht selten weitschweifig, und man findet rasch Ungereimtheiten. Damit wurde aus Theologie Politik. Das ist Amerika heute. His abdication and the subsequent abdication of his brother Mikhail Alexandrovich were crucial mistakes which led to the abolition of monarchy and consequent troubles.

Ivan Iljin – O suprotstavljanju zlu | Доситеј Хиландарац –

Views Read Edit View history. As a result, mutual distrust and suspicion between the state and the people emerged.

Ilyin’s views influenced other 20th-century Russian authors such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as well as many Russian nationalists. Ilyin looked on Mussolini and Hitler as exemplary leaders who were saving Europe by dissolving democracy. While a student Ilyin became interested in philosophy under influence of Professor Pavel Ivanovich Novgorodtsevwho was a Christian philosopher of jurisprudence and a political liberal.


Gott ist Russe | Eurozine

For Ilyin to talk of a Ukraine separate from Russia as to be a mortal enemy of Russia. Er schuf die Welt, um sich zu vervollkommnen, beschmutzte sich stattdessen jedoch selbst und verbarg sich in Scham.

He became the main ideologue of the Russian White movement in emigration and between and was a publisher and editor of the Russian-language journal Russkiy KolokolRussian Bell. Therefore, Ilyin recognized inequality of people as a necessary state of affairs in any country. Es war ein frappanter Schritt in Richtung einer Welt, wie Iljin sie ivwn ausgemalt hatte: Iljin war kein typischer Christ, aber er glaubte an Gott. Inafter the breakout of World War IProfessor Prince Evgeny Trubetskoy arranged a series of public lectures devoted to the “ideology of the war”.

Doch seine Begriffe erhellen — und leiten mitunter — die russische Politik. According to Ilyin, the main distinctions were oljin following:.

Rechtsstaatlichkeit sei keine universelle Bestrebung, sondern Teil einer fremden, der westlichen Zivilisation; die russische Kultur hingegen vereine Russland mit postsowjetischen Staaten wie der Ukraine.

The two above mentioned factors led to egalitarianism and to revolution. He was offered the professorship in the Russian faculty of law in Prague under his teacher Pavel Novgorodtsev but he declined. He authored several articles about Ilyin and came up with the idea of transferring his remains from Switzerland to the Donskoy Monastery in Moscowwhere the philosopher had dreamed to find his last retreat.

Iljin begegnete russischen Problemen mit Hilfe von deutschen Denkern. Ilyin contributed to this with several lectures, the first of which was called “The Spiritual Sense of the War”.