ISBP BPO. UCP. Letters of Credit. CDCS. ICC Opinions. Guarantees. Collections. ISP Supply Chain. Financing. Reimbursements. Incoterms. Forfaiting. Since the approval of International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) by the While the named port of loading, as required by the credit, should appear in. ISP 98 d. Because a standby is documentary, an issuer’s obligations depend on the presentation of documents and an examination of.

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Such a multi-modal transport document is not acceptable unless all the multi-modal transport documents form part of the same presentation under the same credit. The use of multiple type styles or font sizes or handwriting in the same document does not, by itself, signify a correction or alteration. The content of the Policy Statement appears in the Appendix of this publication, for 988 purposes.

Historically, the commercial parties, particularly banks, have developed the techniques and methods for handling letters of credit in international trade finance. An invoice showing the entire goods description as stated in the credit, then stating what has actually been shipped, jsbp also acceptable.

To comply with UCP article 20, a bill of lading must appear to cover a port-to-port shipment but need not be titled “marine bill of lading”, “ocean bill of lading”, “port-to-port bill of lading” or lsbp. Where copies non-negotiable are presented, they need not evidence signature, dates, etc.

Such authentication must appear to have been made by the carrier, master captain or any of their agents who may be different from the agent that may have issued or signed itprovided they are identified as an agent of the carrier or the master captain. If a bill of lading showing more than one on board notation is presented under a credit which requires drafts to be drawn, for example, at 60 ispb after or from bill of lading date, and the goods according to both or all on board notations were shipped from ports within a permitted geographical area or region, the earliest of these on board dates will be used for calculation of the maturity date.


If the word “clean” appears on a bill of lading and has been deleted, the bill of lading will not be deemed to be claused or unclean unless it specifically bears a clause or notation declaring that the goods or packaging are defective. Corrections isp alterations of information or data in documents, other than documents created by the beneficiary, must appear to be authenticated by the party who issued the document or by a party authorized by the issuer to do so.

The term “within” when used in connection with a date excludes that date in the calculation of the period.

Retrieved 29 January As such, UCP sub-article 14 c would not apply to these documents. Misspellings or Typing Errors An insurance document should be issued or endorsed so that the right to receive payment under it passes upon, or prior to, the release of the documents. If your standby documentary credit is subject to ISP98, this must be shown in the documentary credit.

We use cookies to ensure that we isbo you the best experience on our website. For drafts drawn “at XXX days sight”, the maturity date is established as follows: Documents issued in more than one original may be marked “Original”, “Duplicate”, “Triplicate”, “First Original”, “Second Original”, etc.

ISP 98- International Standby Practices

If ispb credit does not stipulate a notify party, the respective field on the transport document may be left blank or completed in any manner. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Even if not stated in the credit, drafts, certificates and declarations by their nature require a signature. In such circumstances, the transport document must not indicate that shipment or dispatch has been effected by only one mode of transport, but it may be silent regarding the modes of transport utilized.

In the event that more than one air transport document is presented incorporating different dates isnp shipment, the latest of these dates of shipment will be taken for the calculation of any presentation period and must fall on or before the latest shipment date specified in the credit.


Like the UCP for commercial credits, ISP98 is destined to become the industry standard for the use of standbys in international transactions. However, invoices identified as “provisional”, “pro-forma” or the like are not acceptable.

If a credit gives a geographical range for the place isp taking in charge, dispatch, loading on board and destination e. A certificate of origin must be issued by the party stated in the credit. While the named port of loading, as required by the credit, should appear in the port of loading field within the bill of lading, it may instead be stated in the field headed “Place of receipt” or the like, if it is clear that the goods were transported from that place of receipt by vessel and provided there is an izbp board notation evidencing that the goods were loaded on that vessel at the port stated under “Place of receipt” or like term.

International Rules

A reference in the transport document to costs which may be levied as a result of a delay in unloading the goods or after the goods have been unloaded, is not considered to be an indication of additional costs in this context. An air transport document should not be issued “to order” or “to order of” a named party, because it is not a document of title.

If a credit does not state who is to issue the certificate, then a document issued by any party, including the beneficiary, is acceptable. Iwbp examples are given, these are solely for the purpose of illustration and are not exhaustive. If a credit requires presentation of a charter party bill of lading ishp if a credit allows presentation of a charter party bill of lading and a charter party bill of lading is presented, UCP article 22 is applicable.

Interest charges and expenses Article 20 Article 21 G. Want to know more?