The Inner Game of Chess, Andrew Soltis, Mongoose Press , Paperback, Figurine Algebraic Notation, pp. $ (ChessCafe Price. The Inner Game of Chess has 66 ratings and 1 review. Every player has heard the saying, Chess is 99 percent tactics. It isn”s 99 percent calculati. Soltis, Andy. The Inner Game of Chess: How to Calculate and Win. Revised edition. Newton Highlands: Mongoose Press, PB pp.

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Jed Read rated it liked it Feb 14, Dear Danny, I started to study seriously chess 18 month ago, under the supervision of a coach. Be the first to ask a question about The Inner Game of Chess.

The Inner Game of Chess: Have you read any chess books before? Re1 White commits his own error!

Two books by Andrew Soltis – Chess Forums –

Paperbackpages. The New Art of Defense in Chess is a lucid explanation of modern defensive practice, and players of most all strengths would learn something from it. James rated it really liked it Jan 04, Andrew rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Jan 25, 1.

Jan 27, Soltis does not prescribe a specific method of calculation in this book; rather, he is content to break our calculative process into its constitutive parts so that we can see how it might work. Angela Maloney rated it really liked it Jan 26, The New Art of Defence in Chess. I highly recommend it – it is written like there is a coach talking to you telling you everything that is wrong with what you have been doing.


The Inner Game of Chess: Somehow in the Austrian’s calculations he convinced himself that he has lost material over the last five moves. Another Soltis title, also from Batsford, has returned to the shelves, but this one involves a dramatic revision of one of his first books.

Tactics in the Chess Opening, 5 volumes by Frisco Nijboer most preffered first 3 volumes regarding to the white’s 1. Nxb6 axb6 is rough material equality two pawns and a rook for two minor piecesbut the pieces would be much stronger than the rook. Each chrss would make a worthy addition to your collection.

Two books by Andrew Soltis

This is because Soltis recognizes the way in which dynamism and activity have become fundamental to modern defensive techniques. Dan Needles rated it really liked it Dec 28, What is the most important thing you did to improve in chess? Jan 26, But until now there has never been a book devoted entirely to this most mysterious and essential chess technique.

The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played is ideal for those looking to study beautiful games with clear strategic lessons. Sjolden 17 min gqme. This book examines both the technical and practical aspects of how to think ahead – the selection of cnadidate moves, the evaluation of end positions, finding the proper move orderand the like. This book has that too, but he keeps them short due to the general thesis of the book which is the calculation of a 3-move sequence or combination of moves, at least that’s the it looks so far.

This book examines both the technical and practical aspects of how to think ahead — the selection of candidate moves, the evaluation of end positions, findin Every player has heard gqme saying, “Chess is 99 percent tactics.


Jim rated it really liked it Jan 09, Very rarely do we examine the nature and structure of our thought processes. Think like a grandmaster isn’t for novices and Unorthodox Chess Openings is not anyone’s chess bible.

Return to Book Page. One book is good to me, if he explain in simple and clear way the main ideas or plans.

Chess: The Inner Game of Chess : How to Calculate and Win by Andrew Soltis (1994, Paperback)

Kara rated it liked it Jan 02, The book shows more than games with brief discussion organized by the usual concepts of good bishop, good knight, etc. This poster is either trying to be funny, or trolling. Mate in 13 for White KassySC 15 min ago.

chdss In this book he adds both humor and little stories about some of the players and their opinions and analysis of other players. Even though this book was published in it is still ver y relevant and even though some of the players mentioned are no longer with us, it is still very enlightening to hear what they said back when they were playing. If you are interested in opening theory, the “Bible” of opening books is “Unorthodox Chess Openings” by Eric Schiller.