Bogie Bolster Suspension: The bolster rests on the bolster coil .. 2 nos. of lateral shock absorber are being provided in ICF Bogie to be utilized. Roll and it’s Prevention. ❑ Effect of roll on human body. ❖ Type of roll: UCR and LCR. ❑ Prevention not available in ICF bogie. ❑ Anti-Roll bar mechanism in LHB . ICF Bogie – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Moreover, a small brake boggie is adequate for braking purpose. During examination of these coaches, it was noticed that the Hytrel washers have not only damaged icd axle box housing but also the lower spring seat as well as the Protective tube. On the top of spring seat, a polymer ring called NFTC ring sits. A look at the drawing of the dashpot arrangement will suggest that this problem is universal for all the coaches, whether a new coach or an obgie coach.

Axle Box Guide Screw with sealing washer The axle box guide piston is welded to the bottom flange of the bogie side frame. This article needs additional citations for verification. However in the new design of Axle box guide, the guide cap is welded with the guide assembly and hence the need of a guide cap has been eliminated. It is attached to the bogie frame on the outside with the help of a steel hanger. The axle box guide works as a piston in the Lower spring seat filled with oil.

Various types of brackets are welded to the frame for the purpose of primary and secondary suspension arrangement, alternator suspension arrangement and brake rigging arrangement. Conventional coaches are those Boyie coaches in which the brake cylinder is mounted on the body of the coach and not placed on the bogie frame itself. They are connected through a pin making it a hinged arrangement. The guide cap is fixed with the help of a steel circlip.


However, this is practically difficult to maintain in the shop floor of bogie shop. The lower spring beam is also a free-floating structure. These levers are connected to the main frame of the bogie with the help of steel brackets. The retaining ring ensures that the rear cover assembly is secured tightly between the axle collar and the retaining ring and stays at one place.

Views Read Edit View history. Each axle box housing is filled with approximately 2. However, instead of the BSS pin, steel brackets are welded on the lower side of the bogie frame of which the BSS hanger hangs with the help of hanger block.

The two ends of the brake beam have a provision for fixing a brake head.

The sealing ring ensures that the grease in the axle box housing does not seep out during the running of the wheels. The coaches come to the workshop once in a year. As described bovie, the rubber washers sit directly on the axle box spring sitting area. The bolster spring sits on the rubber washer.

It is attached to the bogie frame through the anchor link. Numerous design changes have been implemented in the last many years however, the problem of oil spillage is still a challenge.

Gogie per correct maintenance practice, it is to be ensured that the hole in the guide boyie in alignment with corresponding holes in the guide bush. Earlier,wooden washers were used. The sub assemblies are fabricated from flanges, webs, channels and Ribs by welding process.

ICF coaches – Wikipedia

The problem of spilling of oil from the dashpot is as old as the design itself. Roller bearings are used on the ICF coaches. This arrangement is same for all the four top corners of the hangers.

Main sub-assemblies of bogie frame viz. In the dashpot arrangement, the top portion is called the axle box guide.



It is not bolted or welded either to the bogie frame or the bogie bolster. Articles bogei additional references from November All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from March Official website not in Wikidata.

The roller bearing is pressed after the retraining ring. The oil rushes up. They washers were also increasing the diameter of the spring seating due to boige hitting of the raised section of the sitting area.

The axle box guide moves in the lower spring seat filled with dashpot oil. Hence, the lower spring beam also become a floating member hinged to the bogie frame with the help of hangers on ixf top and the bottom.

The dashpot arrangement consists of a cylinder lower spring seat and the piston axle box guide.

ICF coaches

This diameter is also not sacrosanct and is changed depending upon the supply position of the wheels. The design is also called the Schlieren design based on the location of the Swiss company. After the rear cover, a retaining ring is placed. A polymer packing ring and a guide ring is attached with the Acetal guide bush.

Axle box guides traditionally had a guide cap with 9 holes bogif 5mm diameter each; however, in the latest design, the guide cap is made an integral part of the guide. The lower spring beam is a fabricated structure made of steel plates.

A sealing ring is placed near the washer and performs the function of a piston ring. However, it was indicated that these liners are to be provided only on new coaches and in coaches in which new wheels are fitted.