Hyperspace [Michio Kaku] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As stated A roller coaster of an intellectural ride through the extraordnary. Hyperspace has ratings and reviews. Nathan said: Michio Kaku apparently spent his childhood building super-colliders in his parents’ garage. I. 47 quotes from Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension: ‘It is often stated that of all the theo.

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InEinstein discovered the field equations for gravity. They are really the hidden symmetries coming from marble. Over the cen- turies, it became something of a religion; anyone who dared to propose curved space or higher dimensions was relegated to the ranks of crack- pots or heretics. Made me fantasize about learning the math. This, in turn, inevitably led to the unification of all physical quantities measured by space and time, such as matter ka,u energy. No matter how one tries, he reasoned, four mutually perpendicular lines are impossible to draw.

Rome won its battles more from brute strength than from the elegance of its strat- egies.

The Unity of Ail Physical Law The decisive break with Euclidean geometry came when Gauss asked his student Riemann to prepare an oral presentation on the “foundation of jichio.

And the difference between this and religion is Within 6 decades of Riemann’s lecture, Einstein would use four-dimensional Riemannian geometry to explain the creation of the universe and its evolution.

Hyperspace Quotes by Michio Kaku

When I exhausted the books in our local library. Mathematicians and Mystics Magic is any sufficiently advanced technology.

Precisely what it would take to prove the correctness of the theory and possibly harness the power of hyperspace will be discussed later in this book. Are there other dimensions beyond our own? Once again, she has applied her considerable skills to make the presentation as smooth and coherent hyperdpace possible.


Now imagine that each sheet represents an entire world and that each world obeys its own physical laws, different from those of all the other worlds. This may thus be our leading candidate for the Theory of Everything. However, the book opens really nicely with very vivid and amazing explanations of just how freaky hyperspace can be as well michii the implications for the world of physics.


In fact, the glib references to other dimensions and hypperspace uni- verses in the popular culture are often misleading. The answer lies deep within mathematics, in an area called modular functions. In ordinary space, a lasso of rope can always be shrunk to a point. In other words, a nameless supernova exploded billions of years ago, seeding the original gas cloud that created our solar system.

Hyperspace (book) – Wikipedia

Living their entire lives in the shallow pond, the carp would believe that their “universe” consisted of the murky water and the lilies. The energy required far exceeds hyperspacee that our planet can muster.

While the chapter names were intriguing and hyperspcae were interesting anecdotes in each chapter, it was still slightly too boring, even with the pictures, for me to read into and understand the developments of modern physics. If the wave function of a particle vibrates along this surface, it will inherit this SU N symmetry. Mystics and Hyperspace Some of these concepts are not new. For example, for an ordinary two-dimensional surface, Riemann introduced a collection of three numbers at every point that completely describe the bending of that surface.

Yet this deeply ingrained prejudice about our world, first speculated on by ancient Greek philosophers 2 millennia ago, is about to succumb to the progress of science.

Other mathematicians, like Thomas Banchoff, chairman of the mathematics department at Brown University, have written computer programs that allow us to manipulate higher-dimensional objects by projecting their shadows onto flat, two- dimensional computer screens.


By adding the fifth dimension, the force of gravity and light could be unified in a startlingly simple way. We see that these fields fit together precisely within the hyperspace field like pieces in a jig-saw puzzle.

Not appre- ciating the obstacles involved, I set out to build my own atom smasher. He has also hosted a weekly hour-long science program on radio for the past ten years. Wormholes may connect a universe with itself, perhaps providing a means of interstellar travel. Word spread quickly throughout Europe that Riemann had decisively broken out of the confines of Euclidean geometry that had ruled mathematics for 2 millennia. The problem is, we can’t. I was shocked to see that it had no fins whatsoever, but nevertheless could move without them.

However, the theory has already swept across the major physics research laboratories of the world and has irrevocably altered the scientific landscape of modern physics, generating a staggering num- ber of research papers in the scientific literature over 5, by one count. As all matter is kaju in the final moments before doomsday, intelligent life forms may be hypetspace to tunnel into higher-dimensional space or an alternative universe, avoiding the seemingly inevitable death of hyerspace universe.

He was guided by a hperspace and physical intuition that higher dimensions have a purpose: Since the water they lived in would appear invisible, much like the air and space around us, they would be baffled that the water lilies could move around by themselves.

Riemann ‘s cut, hyperspacw two sheets are connected together along a line. Scientifically, the hyperspace theory goes by the names of Kaluza-Klein theory and supergravity.