View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download. Honeywell UDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell UDC Manual, Product Manual. Quick Start Guide for UDC Universal Digital Controller. For detailed instructions see UDC Product Manual 1.

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Table of contents About This Document World Wide Web Table Of Contents Function Of Displays And Keys Process Instrument Explorer Software Ce Conformity europe Figure Depiction Of Infrared Communications Table Condensed Specifications Model Number Interpretation Figure Model Number Interpretation Table Control Relay Contact Information Table Alarm Relay Contact Information Figure Mounting Dimensions not To Scale Table Mounting Procedure Figure Mounting Methods Table Permissible Wiring Bundling Figure Composite Wiring Diagram Figure Mains Power Supply Figure Input 1 Connections Figure Input 2 Connections Figure Electromechanical Relay Output Figure Solid State Relay Output Figure Open Collector Output Figure Current Output Figure Ethernet Communications Option Connections Table Configuration Topics Configuration Prompt Hierarchy Table Configuration Prompt Hierarchy Table Configuration Procedure Tuning Set Up Group Sp Ramp Set Up Group Accutune Set Up Group Algorithm Set Up Group Output Set Up Group Input 1 Set Up Group Input 2 Set Up Group Control Set Up Group Alarms Set Up Group Display Set Up Group Figure Ethernet Configuration Screen Figure Email Configuration Screen Configuration Record Sheet Monitoring And Operating The Controller Figure Operator Interface Entering A Security Code Monitoring Your Controller Table Annunciators Viewing The Operating Parameters Table Diagnostic Messages Single Display Functionality Table Single Display Parameters Start Up Procedure For Operation Table Control Mode Definitions Tune For Simplex Outputs Table Procedure For Starting “tune Table Accutune Error Codes Fuzzy Overshoot Suppression Table Set Up Procedure Three Position Step Control Algorithm Setting Failsafe Mode Table Running A Setpoint Ramp Table Program Contents Figure Program Record Sheet Tool Maintenance Screens Figure Maintenance Data Menu Figure Loop Data Maintenance Screen Figure Alarm Details Maintenance Screen Figure Digital Input Details Screen Figure Status Data Maintenance Screen Figure Ethernet Status Maintenance Screen Configuring Your Ethernet Connection Figure Ir Communications Address Figure Online Configuration Figure Configuration Upload In Progress Figure Ethernet Communications Type Selection Figure Ethernet Communications Address Minimum And Maximum Range Values Table Equipment Needed Input 1 Set Up Wiring Input 1 Calibration Procedure Table Input 1 Calibration Procedure numeric Code Input 2 Set Up Wiring Input 2 Calibration Procedure Table Input 2 Calibration Procedure numeric Code Restore Input Factory Calibration Table Restore Factory Calibration Current Output Calibration Auxiliary Output Calibration Restore Output Factory Calibration Procedure Table Restore Factory Calibration Procedure Table Software Upgrades Table Background Tests Controller Failure Symptoms Table Controller Failure Symptoms Table Troubleshooting Power Failure Symptoms Table Troubleshooting Current Output Failure Table Troubleshooting A Keyboard Failure Table Troubleshooting Auxiliary Output Failure Restoring Factory Configuration