Browse Linear Guideways in the Hiwin Corporation catalog including HG Series – Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway,EG Series – Low profile Ball Type. HIWIN linear guideway is higher than that of circular contact. □ Table . service life time when the machine uses a set of HIWIN LGW35CA linear guideways?. Consult HIWIN’s entire Catalogue Linear Guideways catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/

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Complete or partial reproduction is not permitted without our permission. The technical data in this catalog may be changed without prior notice.

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A linear guideway permits linear movement with the aid of rolling elements. By using balls or rollers between the rail and block, a linear guideway can attain an extremely precise linear movement. Compared with a standard sliding guide, the friction coefficient here is just one fiftieth. The good efficiency and zero play mean that the linear guideway can be used in various ways. General information Properties and advantages 1.

High positioning accuracy A carriage mounted with a linear guideway only has to overcome rolling friction. The difference between the static and dynamic rolling friction is very small so the breakaway force guidr only slightly greater than the motion force.


Stick-slip effects are not experienced. Long lifetime and highly precise movement With a sliding guide, the different thicknesses of lubrication film may result in accuracy errors.

General information Load ratings 1.

Linear Guideways On Hiwin Corporation

Once this permanent deformation exceeds a particular level, it impacts on how easily the guide moves. By definition, the static load rating corresponds to a static load which causes a permanent deformation of 0. The guiide are stated in the tables for each linear guideway Ultimately this results in what is known as pitting.

The nominal lifetime should therefore be viewed as a rough estimate of the lifetime of a linear guideway. The lifetime of a linear guideway is defined as the total travel distance covered until pitting starts General information Lifetime calculation Load factor fw The loads affecting a linear guideway include the weight of the block, the inertia at the start and end hiwih movements and load torques which are caused by the projection of the load.

These load factors are particularly hiwij to estimate when accompanied by vibration or impact load.

The load should therefore be multiplied by the empirical load factor. To obtain a correct value, each para- meter must be taken into account.

Table 16 Load on a block examples of calculating load on a block] Typical examples Distribution of load P-i Load on the individual block F: Motion force; otherforce arising. General information Operating Load 1. This makes the friction coefficient of linear guideways very low, up to one fiftieth of that of traditional sliding guides.


Generally, the friction coefficient is around 0. General information Mounting position 1.

The mounting position depends on the requirements of the machine and the loading direction. The precision of the rail is defined by the straightness and evenness of the installation surfaces, since the rail is attached to these while the screws are being tightened.

Profile rails that are not attached to an installation surface may have larger tolerances in terms of straightness. Below you will find typical mounting situations To avoid this problem and achieve a high level of rigidity and guidance accuracy, we would recommend assembling the linear guideway with reference edges and clamps on both sides.

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Linear Guideways

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