Download Manual for Model 46F HITACHI PROJECTION PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Projection color tv, Operating guide • Read online or download PDF • Hitachi 46F User Manual. vt59 vt nec vt user manual pdf download projection color tv 46f 51g 51f 57g 57fdownload hitachi tv repair manuals file type pdf.

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Do not apply excessive pulling force to the front, or top, 2. If you move your TV, or if, after a time, you notice color rings or halos around objects in the picture, you may want to converge align the colors.

Use this function to change hiyachi contrast between black and white levels in the picture. Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. I call the repair man and he takes of the front and cleans the three tubes behind the front panel with compressed air and that remedies the p Hitachi 46F Connect only 1 component to each input jack.

Jitachi to page The remote will now control your VCR. Answered on Nov 26, Use the number buttons to select access code.

If your receiver is located in the fringe area of a television station where the signal is weak, your picture may be marred by the appearance of small dots. Automatic Message-2 works in the same way as Automatic Message Your TV might just have zoom. Connect Summary of the content on the page No. Press the button a second time to maanual the size of the sub-picture on the screen.


If the snapping or popping is continuous or frequent, unplug the set and consult your dealer or service technician. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Changing the direction or position of the antenna may improve reception.

Screens that have been cleaned with anything amnual than water and a mild soap solution. To prevent damage to the speaker and distorted so.

Magic Focus The Magic Focus button on control panel will not work when adjustment mode is set to Manual see page If there is still no power, unplug the power cord from the wall. If the PIP feature is used frequently, occasionally shift the sub-picture to a different corner. When mixed together in the proper proportion, the output of these three color tubes can produce any color. When the button is released, the wire is locked into place. The following connection diagrams are offered as suggestions.

The light will stay on for about 8 seconds if the light button is not pressed again. Replace the old batteries with fresh “AA” size batteries. Digital Media Division Should you have any questions regarding warranty, service, operation, or technical assistance, please contact: Retain your sales receipts for warranty purposes. Any lens element that is permanently attached to the CRT assembly is excluded from the lifetime warranty.

Hitachi 46F500 Manuals

The output of the green tube is stationary. If so, drapes or screens htiachi be used to reduce the reflection or the TV can be located in a different section of the room. Yitachi from units that have been sold or transferred from the original purchaser. This could damage both the TV and the speakers. Locks It can also be used to keep the TV from being viewed for a scheduled time period that you set. You must first program the remote to match the remote system of your DVD player.


Automatically monitor and adjust contrast depending on room lighting sensor is located on the front panelto produce a more natural picture.

Auto Adjustment Mode is recommended. The selection to change will be in magenta. Answered on Dec 16, Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock, or other hazards.

Don’t show me this message again. One is the direct path and the other is reflected from tall buildings, hills or some other objects. Operating the precoded function for your DVD player. Any new product purchased or service performed outside of the continental United States or its possessions.

Hitachi 46F user manual.

Hitachi 46F manuals

Good for watching two sporting events, etc. Pres Summary of the content on the page No. Also make sure the cables are the correct length. It depends on if you can solder etc, not a very expensive parts cost under 30 dollars Can you solder? The message on the screen will disappear after 3 seconds, then the screen automatically goes to the clock setup mode see page Just make sure the model of remote you buy works with your television set.

Press the power switch again. Use speakers with 8 Ohm impedance only. Never expose the set to rain or water.