Gentle Joseki, part I by Pieter Mioch. The patterns. Dia 1 An opening move at the point (komoku) is basically a typical way of not regarding the center. Sensei’s Library, page: point, keywords: Opening, Joseki. SL is a large WikiWikiWeb about the gentle joseki series. Its direction is clearly. Sensei’s Library, page: Whither Joseki , keywords: Joseki, gobase, or Pieter Mioch’s “Gentle Joseki” at the same site: these try and put.

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Genfle back in her original industry and discipline so all this is a big win for her and our family. But some structure helps too, not least because the site is growing quite fast.

The idea was experimented with during the New Fuseki eraoften with the intention of forming a three-stone enclosure by adding further stones at the points marked a pillbox.

Whither Joseki …

Andrew Walkingshaw Getting back vaguely towards the subject, I suspect for a lot of players who read SL – gfntle for myself – comprehensive joseki dictionaries aren’t that useful. I am unable to download the sgf and you’ll need an account to view it.

While it’s probably too difficult in general for a beginner “The Direction of Play” goes into more detail about the meaning of the opening moves: Same comment for fuseki patterns, same comment and of particular interest to me about side patterns. Wonderful though this Wiki is, it has its limits. Best Regards, – ChiyoDad.


Gentle Joseki, part I

Hello hdoong, There are stronger players on Kiseido Go Server who teach me through game reviews or through matches but I acknowledge that in-person lessons hold an advantage. Joseki form DAG s directed acyclic graph s.

That stone is completely unnecessary. He had sente so he decided to play tenuki. The databases and book dictionaries can go for completionism. Should one aim of SL be to provide a good reference for joseki, or just to select a suitable set of variations for learners?

We rely on visitors josekki create meaningful index pages, paths and structures. It looks like your play is somewhat inefficient.

ChiyoDad Learns Go: Joseki materials, Go Seigen, and Hikaru No Go

Hotta’s story thankfully has done a remarkable job of creating a renaissance in Go among the young. Study joseki to become stronger.

Charles Matthews Oh, I’m not a very technical person. This article got me started with blindly applying simple josekis but I gradually began to see how some variations could allow me to develop stronger positions when taking surrounding stones into account. For instance, I know that the start points are intended to be attacking stones and like to expand along the sides and are weak in regard to controlling the corner.

Never mind anybody’s advice. That’s already something useful. So Takemiya made a sanrensei against points and watched how Black tried to develop them. White may very well continue with a play at one and joeki a large-scale fight. I would enjoy some more details on the specific attributes of each point as well as some common approach moves and follow-up joseki for each one.


If Japan is weak, then the great players of the past, like Shusaku, will be forgotten. Regarding the experimentit would be quite a challenge to see how far and fast one can gentel.

Charles It is arguably better for most players’ go not to look at fuseki this way. I think Charles is right and Arno’s earliest comment about the permanent structure of SL is right too. At the moment, joseki selection is pretty much a black art for this reason, though admittedly I’ve not invested time in really studying genfle seriously.

The corner, by the way, joseli was his to start with. In dia 13 I’ve tried to rank the possible pincers A-G in order of commonness.

Q16 almost looks like an over-extended stone. Similarly, you should not use a particular joseki all the time just because you like it. Charles I begin to get a picture of what joseki coverage should be aimed for here. Fentle The Beginning Lesson plan?