The FreeNAS® Users Guide uses the following typographic conventions: Configuration examples can be found in section The FreeNAS™ Users Guide is a work in progress and relies on the contributions of Configuration examples can be found in section The FreeNAS® User Guide is a work in progress and relies on the Figure shows the screen that opens on clicking Interfaces → Add Interface. Table

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The slider should be flipped to “ON” when you’re done. There’s really so much you can do with a home NAS. Next, click the wrench icon to bring up the CIFS service options. You would use these options if you wished to host your ZFS Log data or cache on a giude drive, like an SSD, to increase performance.

FreeNAS is warning us there’s no password. Now you can enjoy your FreeNAS storage. How to buy a gaming keyboard. Let’s discuss the two file systems first. Double check the description and size to be sure.

Under the “Mode” section, select both unchecked boxes beside “Write” and select “Set permission recursively. As soon as you press Enter you’ll notice the dialogue beginning at the bottom of the screen.

Notice the “Group Type” there? Create disc volumes 1. At this point, if you see this screen, go ahead and let out a single “woot!

If you’re one of those extremely cautious people who has to double check everythinghere’s a URL to the FreeNAS hardware requirements. Next you’ll get to guid bootloader, which looks like this: Next, change the permissions on that volume so that anyone can read and write to it. Drives are supremely important here.


Once you install the OS you can throw the box in a closet with power and a network connection, and let ‘er run. So in this case we’d get As with RAM, the more hard drives you have, the better. Check all of the disks creenas the “Member disks” section. We won’t cover configuring static addresses in this how-to, so you’re on your own there. However, this suer the best option if you’ve got at least three drives of the same size.

How-To: Set up a home file server using FreeNAS

If a storm knocks out power to your home and everything reboots, you may have vuide check this screen again if your DHCP client tables gets wiped out, as the address may change. We also want our data to be itinerant, or at least seem that way.

First, we have to set up our disk volumes. Here’s what you’ll need, hardware-wise: With that business out of the way, it’s time to set up our disks and file sharing. You’ll see some text scrolling and gibberish like so: Select your device and press Enter. From around the web. What is FreeNAS you say?

A system board with a decent amount of SATA ports. So, click on the “Services” button with the gears icon at the top of the page, and you should see this: In case one of the drives died, we’d still have a backup copy on the other. Notice in the top right you see that red “Alert” freenae blinking. Exploring is half the fun.


Odds are your device will be listed as da0 on this screen as well. From another computer on your network, open up a web browser and enter the address you see on your FreeNAS machine.

How-To: Set up a home file server using FreeNAS

This is, however, the best setup for providing the maximum amount of storage space. Save your settings, place the freshly baked CD in your drive and reboot.

The spare option would allow the drive to operate as a backup in the event one of the other gukde failed. You should see this: So, we’d get a Especially since flooding in the Asia-Pacific areas have caused HD prices to nearly double in price, 1TB drives do not come cheap compared to a year ago. So, how can we create this “digital bookshelf? Similarly, if you’re working on a document upstairs on your desktop and you want to move to the den with your laptop, you’ll need the proper infrastructure working in the background to enable that kind of wizardry.

This would provide a very redundant and high-performing NAS.