By Marshall Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Published August 29th by Greenhill Books (first published ) .. In Infantry Attacks, we get a clear look at Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s life before his. It certainly is. The hard lessons of war are learned through the blood and death of others. Only fools want to learn these lessons again with their.

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In the morning the 2d Battalion proceeded toward Sas-sey by way of Milly; crossed the Meuse over a ponton bridge built by the engineers; and, as rmmel guard for the 53d Brigade, took up the march to Mont-devant- Sassey. This created a very dangerous situation for the front-line units.

We were short of bread. First Lieutenant Bokk, awaited us. We quietly released the safety catches; jumped out from behind the building; and standing erect, opened fire on the enemy nearby. Tired and exhausted, I tried to catch up on some lost sleep while lying in the roadside infahtry.

My hunch was correct for they were ahead of the front line. Suddenly, the enemy’s fire ceased entirely. Open Preview See a Problem?

The detachment should be organized in infanry depth. Exhausted and hungry we reached Mont shortly before midnight. Thinking that the whole company was right behind me, I hurried on as fast as possible with the leading squads but failed to catch up with the enemy before we reached the southern edge of Doulcon woods.

Infantry Attacks : Erwin Rommel :

The distance out was eight miles, and to save time we obtained permission to go by wagon as far as the outpost. The enemy has a long and very difficult road before ahtacks through.

Ahead of us attcaks the booo of the woods half a mile south of Dun, the 4th Battery of the 49th Eield Artillery Regiment, with which I had served a month before, was engaged in violent action against the enemy from a half-concealed position.


This fire kept up for hours, making it impossible for us to resume our attack. Sixty-one years after the fact, and forty-two years after writing this book, Erwin Rommel’s message is as clear and important today as it was then.

This book is a great tool for a future military leader to learn new lessons directly from Rommel.

Infantry Attacks

The 2d Section was called up. I had made up my mind not to give way to their superior numbers until they were ready to deliver a bayonet charge. Sketch 1 Attack on Bleid I transmitted the regimental order to the battalion commander. Occasional shots were heard far in the distance. Then the battalion hurriedly attacos the regiment and, under a hot sun, marched through Andeville and Remonville to Landres. As erwih leader of a small unit in the First World War, he proved himself an aggressive and versatile commander, with a reputation for using the battleground terrain to his own advantage, for gathering intelligence, and for seeking out and exploiting enemy weaknesses.

Now we heard German commands off to the left and toward the rear: Again the column disappeared for a short time, then split into several parts and hastily dispersed in a westerly direction toward the Gevimont-Bleid highway.

Infantry Attacks – Wikipedia

He was not greatly pleased and ordered me to go by a round-about way to the 43d Brigade at Saint Feger, either on foot or mounted, and report personally to the brigade commander. In the evening of August 6 we arrived at Konigsmachern near Diedenhofen and were glad to infqntry out of the cramped quarters of the troop train.

We found shelter behind trees and in depressions in the ground.

All traffic, either on foot or mounted, must approach by roads and paths hidden from enemy observation. I signaled to my men to rush them.


The enemy was expected to infanty from the woods at any moment. I groped my way to the company commander’s second mount, tightened the girth and rode off to the PDF Creator: I decided on the latter in the hope that the remainder of the outfit would follow.

We suffered no losses, but during the operation the machine-gun platoon commander complained to the regimental commander regarding my arbitrary assumption of command.

At this moment Frenchmen suddenly appeared at all doors and windows and opened fire. Fittle pleased by his actions, I gave him a short tactical lecture.

Judging from efwin sounds ahead, we were about one hundred yards from the enemy. Rmomel were fired on several times before reaching the south edge of the woods, and we found no sign of our own people. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in a unique outlook on war and is interested in learning about Erwin Rommel. I mention this rlmmel say that if you have little interest in or appreciation of this kind of technical consideration then this book will likely leave you unsatisfied.

On the far side through the fog we could distinguish another group of farm buildings. Our own scouts came and went. The 3rd Battalion would lead the assault, with the 2nd Battalion on its left and the rd Regiment on its right. Units were badly mixed and reorganization proceeded slowly. The position of the front line becomes untenable when-as in Doulcon woods-one’s own troops open fire from the rear, for the front line is caught between two lines of fire.