Khan: Empire of Silver: A Novel of the Khan Empire and millions of other books are . Conqueror: A Novel of Kublai Khan (The Khan Dynasty) by Conn Iggulden . From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. Iggulden’s smashing fourth installment to his Mongol series (Genghis: Bones of the Hills, etc.) picks up after Genghis’s death as his three sons.

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There’s a good reason years later people still talk about them. When listening, I really can see a mental picture as to how the Mongols had lived.

About this title Audio Format. Return to Book Page. It helped me to look favourably on the book when I discovered the parts that seemed made up for the sake of a good story were actual truths. He is the xonn. His story is quite interesting.

sivler I was super excited when I saw this book at our library and it was one of those books you read slowly because you don’t want to finish. Swap it for free. This was also my first foray into Audible, so I had to adjust to be voice, pace, etc. The narrator did a much better job with this one.

Now the very qualities that united the fierce Mongol tribes threaten to tear them apart, as the heirs of Genghis maneuver for dominance. People who bought this also bought The story concentrates on that transitional period siver Genghis and Kublai as the remaining brothers, sons and grandsons fight and connive for the succession.

Ogedei has built a silver city on the plains that is the capital of the Mongol nation. Genghis built an Empire and remained virtually unchallenged as khan by virtue of the fact there was no one with the same force of will and personality to oppose his absolute hold on the Mongol tribes.


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I also hope Conn does not finish the Chinese history with the next book, as we should be entering the Romance of The Three Kingdoms era. Tough book to read only because of all the good byes to great characters. This book is split in to 3 parts, each skipping a period of time but not long. Chagatai is the eldest son now Jochi is gone and claims the throne. The story gets even better as the Mongols sack Russia and Europe.

Succession Now that Genghis is dead who will rule and what are the rights of passage to become the Great Khan of the Mongol nation?

Enjoyable book and good continuation of the series. All the names are of course foreign, and it took me a while to sort out who was who. If I had read this book empirs a standalone, without its three predecessors, I think that I may have awarded it five stars.

Khan: Empire of Silver by Conn Iggulden | : Books

This is the fourth novel in the Conqueror series, continuing the saga of the Khan dynasty. View all 4 comments. Oct 24, Teresa rated it really liked it Shelves: Good, but different from the previous books.

This book was a continuation of the story of the people in Genghis Khan’s rule, but I wasn’t loving this one as igvulden as I have the others.

This series has been awesome from start to finish. By my hand striking far, you will not be Khan” Now, even as they struggle for supremacy among themselves, Genghis’s sons and grandsons extend the reach of oc vision, taking their armies farther than ever before, into southern China and across the steppes and rugged mountains of Russia to the vulnerable heart of Europe, where they will face the most courageous warriors the West commands. Just the basics really. This book tells the story of the mongols invasion of Russia and eastern Europe.


Only the death of the Khan and the fact that his heir was in the front lines and needed to return to claim his birthright prevented the likelihood of most of Europe becoming part of the Mongol empire. He was a son of Ghengis Khan and this book covers his reign.

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Of the five books of Conn’s that I have read this is my least favorite and the first I did not give igguleen stars too. As he farewells his son and tries to “enjoy” or absorb his last moments, missing his wife, fonn takes a deep breath and wmpire to die.

Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. Normally, I am opposed to learning anything from the books that I read as I highly prize my state of ignorance about most things, especially history. Still prefer tu Solid historical fiction with continued detail around the Mongol reign.

Empire of Silver Conqueror, Book 4 Author s: Refresh and try again. They had already burned half of it and taken out supporting troops from western Europe. The true villains are those despicable creatures, such as younger brother Temuge, who can’t draw a bow and are forced to make themselves useful by doing such menial things as reading, writing, and learning languages.