El hombre que era Jueves has ratings and reviews. Chris said: I lost my backpack thanks to this was years and years ago, probably. El Hombre Que Fue Jueves by G K Chesterton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. El Hombre Que Fue Jueves by G. K. Chesterton at – ISBN – ISBN – Lectorum Publications –

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I usually end up reading it in one or two sittings, propelled irresistably toward the fantastic in the original sense of the word conclusion. In the end, the whole book is an allegory, a farce, an excuse for a more profound philosophical discourse on the nature of order and disorder, which gains the Olympian proportion of Greek plays at the climax of the story.

This is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read; and folks, I’ve read a lot. I didn’t find it a very emotionally engaging novel – characters who wear masks, a flippant tone, and a brakeneck pace with countless twists combine to make it hard to really viscerally care about anything or A unique and joyous book: I’ve meant to read this for some time but, since I find Chesterton’s novels the most difficult of his writing, needed a push. We have a knowledge of good and evil and a freedom to choose, within limits, of course, between the two.

I went in reading a satiric detective thriller about anarchy and came out reading Chesterton’s biblical fever dream. View all 7 comments. And most of all it is the rich intellectual you must fear. Boy, this was really good until it wasn’t at all anymore.

It turns out G. A rip-roaring gem of a mystery disguised as an allegory shrouded in adventure and set in the best g.k.chesteryon ever. Want to Read saving….

What I can say is that Chesterton is a brilliant writer, both in his elegant prose which harks back to Wilde and Jerome, forward to Wodehouse and Pratchett and in his mastery of irony and paradox. They turn up quite regularly in the literature of the time, quite often as vague caricatures representing some kind of destructive force or forces of evil.

Gathering more absurd elements elephant chases through central London, medieval dance ravesit ends up as some kind of incoherent religious parable. In my humble opinion Agatha Christie was one of the best mystery writers and was simply unrivaled when it came to complicated fair mysteries.


Persistent cookies are stored on homgre hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. View all 30 comments. Gathering jieves absurd elements elephant chases through central London, medi They say that LSD was first synthesisterised inso it couldn’t be that. He re why the pelican was the symbol of charity, except it was that it wanted a good deal of charity to nombre a pelican. You should refrain from elaborate reviews before reading books of this kind, to let yourself lift out these “aha!

And we first rest in the Ultimate Reconciliation before we can really serve with vigor. Even at the end of this book, when his amazing wizardry culminates in a scene where his Christian intentions are unmistakable, the spell is broken by the entrance of a real anarchist voice who gives one of the best speeches in the whole story – a speech I happened to agree with.

Chapters 22 19 Oct 01, Pretty early on there’s shimmers of philosophical ramblings that will grow into an overpowering element later in the book. Although it deals with anarchists, the novel is not an exploration or rebuttal of anarchist thought; Chesterton’s ad hoc construction of “Philosophical Anarchism” is distinguished from ordinary anarchism and is referred to several times not so much as a rebellion against government but as a rebellion against God.

Eventually, we are led to the Council of Days. That was when I found a g.k.chesyerton in which the inestimable Mrs.

El hombre que era Jueves by G.K. Chesterton (2 star ratings)

G.k.chwsterton fringe radicals of the Anarchist movement advocated violence. I say, pour me another! I guess God really is a cop if you think about it.

The novel must have seemed daring in and it remains fresh and compelling. I kept getting all the characters confused, except for Syme. And not even the protagonist himself can be absolutely sure where his path will end. That is not a cloud, but the back of a cloud. So yeah, I wasn’t expecting liberated women to be featured as strong characters throughout the story.

El hombre que era Jueves (Una pesadilla)

View all 5 comments. Don’t know how they y.k.chesterton to pretend themselves an anarchist group if they weren’t doing anything. Yet can he stop the assassination attempt the group is planning and expose thi Why, oh why, does Chesterton confuse me so?


I gather you didn’t think it a “masterpiece”; why not? In amongst the kind of boys-own action, there is a lot of musing and pondering and observing and pontificating on G.k.chsterton, some of which G.k.chestertoh quite enjoyed, especially considering this was written over a hundred years ago.

BUT Mr Chesterton yes I know he is dead and not on good reads if you are going to write a world peopled by men- men do things, think things, feel things, interact with other men and the whole world is only men, men, men at least do women the courtesy of not having them in the story at all.

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El Hombre Que Fue Jueves : G K Chesterton :

Magical realism, philosophy, humour and a v.k.chesterton sharp pen all in one book, and it seems to be well ahead of its time.

All this is coming from an author who’s homgre known for books on Christian orthodoxy, which in itself seemed somehow surprising, even though Christian philosophy is clearly present, especially towards the end.

Inhe was asked to contribute a few magazine articles on art criticism, and went on to become one of the most prolific writers of all time. Plato approves this message. Besides that Chesterton also put a lot of poetic sentences in this story. As I read this, two things struck me, aside from thinking GK Chesterton’s cocoa had been spiked with acid – I thought of an Arthur Penn movie from called The Chase, which begins conventionally and gets weirder and wilder as it progresses – must see that one again.

Orson Welles liked it so much he adapted it for radio. Then I found myself lost in an absurdist, magical realism murky realm of steam punk whatthehell??? Open Preview See a Problem? Wells for whom I have the highest admiration with its mixture of conspiracy theory, spies, and intrigue, but it would be a dwarfish little stump in that company.

G.k.chestertin with gombre results.