El hombre duplicado/ The Double (Punto de Lectura) (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago, Pilar Del Rio] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. José Saramago (Azinhaga, Tías, Lanzarote, ) es uno de los escritores portugueses más conocidos y apreciados. El Hombre Duplicado [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Innovando frente a las convenciones de la novela, Saramago.

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And when the manager has to come over and escort me to the door with my purchases, I’ll shout even louder about how much I admire the tale of an old village woman who lived to be Showing of 14 reviews. Hic Maximo diyip gecmemis mesela. And ponders on his next move. A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. Having been born on the same day, they both want to know, of course, if they are destined also to die on the same day.

Justin It depends on your tastes. On the other hand, it is possible to see these women as being the only sane, good people in the entire novel, and so Saramago’s treatment of women is less misogynistic saramagi it is merely simplistic.

One day Tertuliano rents a movie recommended by a colleague hobmre sees a bit actor who looks exactly like him. But he couldn’t, a curiosity built up inside him. Explore the Home Gift Guide. The book is very different from the movie, so there’s no reason you need to limit yourself to one or the other. He has a girlfriend, Maria da Paz, who he kind of likes, and a job which he kind of cares about. The prose is well done in many sections, though awkward in others, but the story feels like a dwarf trying to fill a giant’s suit: No ratings or reviews yet.


Even somebody bearing a strong resemblance to one’s self is weird enough, but an actual replica? Don’t have a Kindle? Samarago, as beautifully translated by Margaret Jill Cos Wisdom lurks in this novel.

I was fascinated because he delivers good storytelling and writing is more about telling a story than using right techniques and all that bureaucracy. We hear the theme played out first when the professor Adam Bell teaches his college history dl about totalitarianism and how dictators strive to remove our uniqueness.

Views Read Saramwgo View history. I loved Saramago’s story, the way saarmago delved deep into my consciousness, resulting in a finale that sat well with me. Sin embargo la historia se vuelve tediosa y se prolonga demasiado.

Retrieved 25 March It appears that only when viewed laterally does this work shine up in all its brilliantly lit up details, else it falls too flat and is hard to believe. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. English Choose a language for shopping.

His life is hmobre the same from then on and he takes upon himself the task of solving this mystery quite literally to its bitter end. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Many of his paragraphs extend for pages without pausing for dialog, which Mr.

En que consiste la identidad?

With Blindness as the first, I can now say that Mr. Da qui il professore inizia una ricerca ossessiva del proprio doppio, che Saramago segue passo passo, gesto dopo gesto, fino a quando le saraamgo dei due, inizialmente lontanissime, si incroceranno.

The Double by José Saramago

The Guardian said Saramago did not push the concept of the double far enough, noting that every culture plays with this idea. View all 21 comments. Hikaye ise su; bir adam var adi Tertuliano Maximo Afonso. Lists with This Book. This was my first Saramago novel and I found it quite enjoyable. Il finale arriva preparato dal crescendo degli eventi finali. Like The Prince and the Pauper pulverized, re-shaped, twisted, spun and rebuilt by a genius to make a literary masterpiece of the 21st century.


Return to Book Page. Show More Show Less. Definitivamente Saramago tiene mejores obras. How random is life anyway? Saramago chooses not to delimit by quotation marks; when the speaker changes My 2nd book by the Nobel Prize for Literature awardee, Jose de Sousa Saramago.

Though the plot may feel slightly hackneyed at first glance ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ goes awry the brilliance of the execution saves it from any such accusation overall.

El hombre duplicado

Questions of identity and how we appear to others are rendered with amazing subtlety. One I would say he excels at. Old as our fears, the familiar figure of the double haunts the literatures of every country Like all of Saramago’s books, this one starts with a puzzling anomaly in the normal, regimented, and dull life of an unassuming nobody living in a large, identity-robbing city. In Portuguese, gombre title is literally “The Duplicated Man. His writing is powerful, confident, amazingly intricate, and sometimes almost dizzying in its profound intellectualism, and all of this comes across even in translation Saramago writes only in Portuguese.

The evidence to this is by saramato means conclusive but puts across just one of the many ways of interpretation. As a result, we don’t care what happens to Afonso or how he ends up. This would lead to a chain of events that not only desn’t go according to plan, but opens up a whole other set of possibilities that spells duolicado for the people he most cares about, including his girlfriend, Maria da Paz.

Just pages and pages of commas and run on uombre.