Epithalamion is an ode written by Edmund Spenser as a gift to his bride, Elizabeth Boyle, on their wedding day. The poem moves through the. English Poetry I: From Chaucer to Gray. The Harvard Classics. – Epithalamion. Edmund Spenser (–). It might sound like scientific jargon, but Edmund Spenser’s ‘Epithalamion’ is actually a sort of love poem! Explore this lesson to discover more.

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Spenser is asking for help from Bacchus in fertility with Elizabeth. Spenser’s wedding is one day; the first 16 stanzas are the day time and the last 8 are the night time, and the relationship with Boyle has been occurring for a year. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article.

Edmund Spenser Protestant Poet. The story that is most known is about the love for his wife. The couple needs the blessing of the Goddess of Love, for their marriage to last and be full of evmund. And the solae of Protestantism go against how Spenser displays her. Spenser was a writer in the Elizabethan Eraand a devotee to the Protestant church [2].


In the 15th, there is a line missing. In this reference, Apollo is the Sun.

Epithalamion (poem) – Wikipedia

Spenser is wishing for a peaceful time with his bride. While the Greek mythology is used to express Spenser’s undying love and wishes, the symbols of Christianity are used to express his intimate feelings.

So it can be inferred these birds will stop any such crime from happening.

Elizabeth is going to be a mother, like Maia was. Zeus granted this, and put Endymion in an eternal sleep. Internet URLs are the best. He speaks of specific characters, epithlaamion Orpheus to compare how he will do anything for Elizabeth. Endymion was a shepherd on Mount Latmas.

Spenser needs the nymphs to make the location of the wedding, and nature, beautiful. They were born in Pieria, at the foot edmuns Mount Olympus.

Elizabeth is walking up the aisle, and the almighties are watching on. Orpheus must walk in front of Eurydice speser not look back at her the entire trip. And Elizabeth is so beautiful and perfect, she is the virgin to be sacrificed, for all to learn from. But the word Echo derives from the Greek mythology.


Mavis is dialect for thrush, which comes from the tale of Philomela in Greek mythology. Alcmene then bore Heracles. He asks for the Gods’ help in all the single hours but also in the future.


Presses Univerataires de France, Paris.

He is considered one of the greatest poets of the English language. Spenser compares his love to that of the mythology of Orpheus. Spenser hopes the night the new couple is about to endure will be calm and quiet.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lyke as when Jove with fayre Alcmena lay, When he begot the great Tirynthian groome: Selene is watching Spenser and Elizabeth with jealousy, because her lover cannot interact with her.

Epithalamion | poem by Spenser |

Which is depicted as both innocent and lustful. Spenser uses the structure of his writing to portray the length of time his love will last: It saw spener forms such as love sonnetsthe pastoraland the allegorical epic. They are the gods of wine, agriculture and fertility. In this case, the time is now towards the end of July since the constellation is moving. Greek Mythology 3 ed.