The RP is the middle model in Digitech’s new range of three digital guitar preamps, all of which take advantage of the company’s newly developed Audio. If you want to add an extra flare of style to your guitar playing, you can try the DigiTech RP effects pedal. This small yet versatile digital processor comes. The Digitech RP Guitar Modeling Processor is a comprehensive guitar workstation that makes Digitech’s Component Modeling technology easy and intuitive.

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It colors your tone a bit, but its not in a bad way, it just is. For each patch, all rglages displayed and can be modified with immediate effect. At that price, it’s the ball! Our dititech also liked: Rather beefy hardware, in expression pedal for a touchdown not great, but hey, y ‘one. So for the scene is bof unable to pay on the other hand for home, it really is nickel, it can open opportunities that would not with another amp the wah is also good.

The effect dial allows you to add a ton of different effects, like phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and many others to your over all sound. I’ve been into programming for years and did it as a profession, so I’m pretty good at making software and hardware work.

Small diigtech, apparently common among Digitech: All in all a good buy, I’m very satisfied. And for all these styles should pedal.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP250

The RP’s expression pedal can be loaded with up to three effects parameters, for combined effects shifts that are only limited by your imagination. Reviews 0 Write a review. The manual is clear?? This pedal is awesome. Sort by most recent most useful.


The RP is a full-featured guitar workstation that is intuitive to digitrch. I play mostly metal but also a lot of rock, funk or blues? Not satisfied with those reviews?

DigiTech RP Guitar Modeling Processor RP B&H Photo Video

I give it only a 9 because of the PSU connector. That’s hard for me to believe, but I’m just telling you what I found. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Each time you use this unit, you can be surprised by what you hear coming out of your amp, which can make you want to record each jam session.

This multi functioning unit can be plugged into any of your amps, and it can work seamlessly with standard audio equipment. I’ve also digiech it a few times just to play music through my guitar amp using my iPhone and the aux rp50. The use of X-Edit2 editor may require the updating of Prior “Firmware” from the pedals. The publisher is Xedit. The build in drum machine sounds really nice, and its really handy for flushing out song ideas.

This pedal is very user friendly and it’s all around easy to control. This is a multieffects unit with limited amp modeling capabilities. You can layer any song without having to use a lot of gear all at once and cut down on the confusion so that you can solely focus on writing songs. This pedal is a processor modeling guitar amp. There is no sound really bad we have to choose his cab for me digitech-metal or greenback. The down side was the software to set up effects on my PC. I bought this pedal used for 35 bucks and I haven’t stopped using it since it arrived last week.


I bought this one so I could have a pedal. I downloaded the software and can use this straight thru my computer for easier access to the presets as well as the whole control panel. The sound quality is decent and there’s a headphone out for direct monitoring.

I’d even tried to pay me the story of RP have more simulations as they seem in General for quality. You can enhance the audio playback of each riff written when you use the X-Edit guitar effect software to make changes to your songs. I really like the versatility and the ability to have a full range of effects pedals in one unit and one power supply.

Show More Show Less. Intgr Tuner function and” Bypass “. It can therefore presets for each in memory it seems, finally has it right not need as much, do not worry edit his sound. Other Guitar Effects Pedals.

I also use the footboard with a Roland VK8 for old school hard rock. The criticism that I would do is the proximity of the pedals which there is a chance to press a button by mistake and not look very pro for the concerts. I have used mine live since they first came out. If you are looking for your favorite guitar tone, the RP comes loaded with factory presets, allowing you to plug in and start jamming without wasting any time trying to dial in the right effects.

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