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The full warranty information, including the coverage and requirements to claim the warranty is detailed on the manufacturers website.

Detewe message 400 bedienungsanleitung pdf freeware

These numbers occupy memy slots 0 9. Any other use whatsoever is not permitted and is regarded as in violation of the provisions. Programming an internal call number Enter the following key sequence: If call back on busy is activated, the ringer is played as soon as the called party has replaced the receiver i. Once you have read the SMS messages, you can answer, forward, save or delete them, or call the sender.

Insert the AC adapter plug cable into the adjacent pt. In der to distinguish between dialled numbers and registered caller numbers, the latter are preceded by a “C”.


Reject waiting call, messxge active call. Brokering switching between two calls You have two active calls 1 internal and 1 externalone of which is on hold.

Only use this method to discharge the batteries. Call deflection, forward the waiting call to an external number, continue active call.

November 15, Font You can choose between large and small fonts. If the entire directory is copied, it overwrites all entries on the other handset.

Depending on the surrounding conditions as well as spatial and structural factors, the range may be smaller. The three-way conference call is activated as soon as the second call partner accepts the call. The LED on the base station flashes slowly while you are recding your texts. Voicebox Press and hold down for direct access to network answer machine messages.

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Prerequisite for its use is the installation of the program msexcel for windows version Soft Key Labels 4. Enter the number you wish to delete. When arranging several base stations, you must be aware that the greatest possible radio ddtewe is achieved when the individual radio fields do not overlap, i.

Key beep Every time a key is pressed, a brief beep is heard.

Eurit 748/758. Cordless ISDN telephone DECT. User Manual

On account of the different components, not all features will be available. You will know if the first charging cycle has been completed when bedienungsanleitunh remove the handset from the charging unit via the following indications: Why should I share my scoops?


Any and all repairs must be carried out by qualified service personnel. Foot stand Button 4.

The text is then played back f you to check announcement texts only, bedienungsanlietung Memos. Please read this manual carefully before using this product and save.

The ambient temperature ddtewe be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Note The alarm only sounds on the handset on which it has been set. Programming blocked numbers Enter the following key sequence: Extreme temperatures can influence the charging efficiency of batteries. Enter the blocked number s.

If the receiver is not registered to the SMS service center, or the message is received by a non SMS-capable telephone, the system will read out the message. This PIN comprises four 4 digits; the facty default f the PIN is the vedienungsanleitung four digits of the serial number of your base station see underside of base station.

Company Media Kit Contact Scoop. The national network of libraries of medicine fulltextbooks,journals,andarticlesatthequestiaonlinelibrary.