Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher und andere besinnliche Erzählungen from Ernst Hiemer (all in Sütterlin) Stürmer-publishing house, Nürnberg Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher: und andere besinnliche Erzählungen / Ernst Hiemer ; Bilder von Willi Hofmann. Publication | Library Call Number: DS . Used Condition: Very Good Hardcover. (Nazi Children’s Book) DER PUDELMOPSDACKELPINSCHER: UND ANDERE BESINNLICHE ERZAHLUNGEN [THE.

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Not every Jew has a crooked nose or protruding ears! See how tired and sad the cute snake looks. The people must decline. They poison public opinion. The same Jewish attorney who formerly claimed to fight only for truth and justice robs his wards of everything they have.

They could bring us death and destruction. And most of them are harmless and do not hurt us. Bacteria are dangerous because one cannot see them, and can therefore easily be infected by a sick person.

Ernst Hiemer

Antisemitismus Kinderbuch Anti-Jewish propaganda. They have killed hundreds of thousands of people, even entire peoples. There are tapeworms not only in people, but also in other animals.

The drones were defeated. But doctor, what does that have to do with Hans? Adolf Hitler broke the power of Jewry pudelmopsdackelpinsvher Germany. The work and exercise unites the youth of the entire world. Doctor, look at his pale face and his tired eyes.

Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher : und andere besinnliche Erzählungen

But education alone cannot solve the Jewish question. Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item They are and remain a danger for people and animals. But tell me, do the other bees know pudelmkpsdackelpinscher It is intended that you have fun with this book but also that you will learn from it. You do not have the noise of the trams and cars, the roar of the factories, the hubbub of the big city.


The same livestock Jew who formerly seemed so nice and friendly suddenly and pitilessly robs the farmer of everything he has and throws him and his family on the street. Everyone depends on everyone else, regardless of whether they work with their minds or their hands. He always proves a poisonous snake amidst the people! Only the bees are still at work. The thankful song of happy, liberated bees filled the hive. It is the reason you got sick.

Anti-Semitic Children’s Stories

But you should have brought your boy to me a long time ago. The Jew keeps secret how many of his racial comrades have come along with him. German View all editions and formats. They also appear in the form of people.

It is not true that our people is safe from the Jew for all time! Medical science has discovered drugs that can combat the effects of a snake bite if they are taken in time. There are pudelmopsdackelpindcher and big ones, fat pudelmopsdackelpindcher thin ones, black-haired and even blond ones. I will warn all the bees I know about the drones. The book is in very good condition. The whole hive was in an uproar. The main thing is that they can stuff their fat bellies.


And there is the Jewish merchant. But he understands how to exploit those who do work, and knows how to live an pudflmopsdackelpinscher life through the work of others. But he does it gladly. There are various kinds of poisonous snakes.

Ernst Hiemer – Wikipedia

How did such a big worm in into my son! Please enter your name. Tapeworms and the Jew are parasites of the worst kind. In their hearts they will always be Jews The E-mail message field is required.

For a long time she says nothing. Millions of Jewish crooks where chased away by exploited peoples. World history proves that, over the millennia, Gentile peoples have resisted Jewish parasites. If a people does not succeed in getting rid of the Jewish tapeworm in good time, it will be ruined. Die Geissel Gottes the scourge of god. Inge falls silent and breathes in the tangy air that blows from the mysterious forest.