10 Results Visit ‘s Denise Schmandt-Besserat Page and shop for all Denise Schmandt-Besserat books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and. How Writing Came About [Denise Schmandt-Besserat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner, Top Books on Science, American. Home page at the University of Texas at Austin: Wikipedia: Denise Schmand.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Could the Ur texts featuring names find an explanation in the Mesopotamian fear of oblivion? Marduk, the mightiest god of the Babylonian pantheon, had no less than fifty names to express, or rather, define his greatness. Finally, statues of individuals, like a certain Nani, bore a complete sentence. Drawn by Lewis R. The texts were not dealing with quantities of goods nor did they catalog signs. The impressed notations continued to record the same quantities of the same goods, mostly barley and animals, for the same granaries and sheepfolds of the Mesopotamian temple.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Ancients sealed the tokens in clay envelopes, which were marked with the debtor’s personal “cylinder seal” which acted as a kind of signature.

From Symbol to Story. Learn more at Author Central. However, the most significant change was the substitution of clay for stone and metal.

Many UT students, even in art history, her primary affiliation, have never heard of her, despite the fact that she is practically a household name in the international academic community. When discussing the politics of the academic world, she waves her hand as if swatting flies. The same was true for the impressed and incised tablets for another years.

If you look at it there is no doubt possible. Regardless of the whys and wherefores of her acclaim or lack thereof, Schmandt-Besserat has continued to toil away in her Art Building office at UT and in museums and archeological sites all over the Middle East. Over time, besswrat phonetic name inscriptions evolved into phonetic sentences appealing to the gods for eternal life.


And you owe me this much tomorrow. For me, it’s almost like a religious text, transcending race, language, skin color, nationalism; it’s like a Time Machine that takes you back within the range of a subtle sniff of our “egalitarian” prehistoric ancestors; “egalitarian” meaning a small-population culture where you pretty much fed yourself and participated in the group without the framework of authority other than myth and ritual. We owe so much to the hundreds of generations of men and women who have gone before us, most just living day to day.

It was the desire beswerat speak schmantd the gods that pushed writing to reproduce speech. Before Writing demonstrates, she says, “the breadth of my base and the multiplicity of my examples. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Schmandt-Besserat is not only an acknowledged leader in epigraphy, she is one of the only linguists to study the slowly evolving history of the assyro-babylonian literary culture.

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This book is, obviously, a work by a scholar, which is besseraf entirely different category of “being smart. She rests assured that today it is she, not her detractors, who appears as the authority on writing’s origins in modern textbooks in linguistics, anthropology, archeology, and mathematics, and who has been listed in Who’s Who in America every year since This took the form of texts featuring personal names inscribed on splendid metal vases and stone cylinder seals.

Her publications on these subjects include:. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.


If they matched, the ghosts were set on the road to the netherworld. And it was your destiny not only during your lifetime, but also after life. As it turned out, the mark wasn’t supposed to represent denis sheep; it was supposed to represent the counter for the sheep.

From Accounting to Writing | Denise Schmandt-Besserat

In one of several frustrated attempts to classify the tokens, the University of Pennsylvania’s Carleton S. English Choose a language for shopping. The ritual of invoking the name of ancestors Akkadian: She has made the one really new, really innovative, really creative contribution to our understanding of the origins of writing in, oh, say, 79 years. Schmandt-Besserat says she has come to like the Lone Star state since she arrived inparticularly the rugged landscape.

For years no one knew what they were, though it was evident they were something. The wedges, deriving from the cone token, for a small measure of grain. Woolley, Ur Excavations, Vol. She states proudly that she has never fallen prey to either homesickness bseserat fright.

Some of the new tokens were miniature representations of the units of goods they stood for. Eventually, it occurred to people that they didn’t actually need to put the tokens denlse an envelope at all, and could just impress the tokens onto the clay in order to keep track of the account.

Please try again later. Denise Besserat was born into a family of lawyers and winemakers.