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Sternheimer, “Administration for the development: Thanks for demondialisatino us about the problem. It is an interesting, but rather paradoxical point, that free trade is called into question by the President considered the most “pro-business”, but also the most indifferent to ecological concerns, that the United States have seen for many years.

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It is, moreover, very interesting to note that economists who are ranked on the left on the political spectrum admit today that a treaty like NAFTA has caused significant damage to the Mexican economy for example [42]. From this point of view, I am very faithful to what I had written at the opening of my notebook, which I will concentrate on the economic issues of France, the European Union and Russia.

In this sense, deglobalizing involves reinstating national borders. It is wrong here to speak of “Europe” as if it were an institution or a federation.

In the space of politics, one asks first who is legitimate, and who is sovereign.

De-globalization is well on the agenda today, as I indicated in a book dating from [26]. Read article More on this topic. But when they occur, it is by mixing an experts position and a position of political actors.

It is high time to make the CMU project real. We are witnessing the withdrawal from Syria of the American military contingent, protests in France, the prospect of a British hard Brexit It follows that to defend employees’ rights, their industries need to be shielded from the competition.


Jacques Sapir : Mondialisation et démondialisation

Sign Up For Newsletter. The analysis of the economic forms that have begun to coagulate in Russia since suggests a return to a model of development where the weight of the State will be particularly important, whether in direct or indirect forms.

This is where French philosopher Edgar Morin takes his stand. It gained stability – albeit relative – in the s [13]. Beyond the questionable political style of Donald Trump, let’s admit that his project is part of the great reversal announced a few years ago.

Refresh and try again. Guillaume Mallet marked demondialosation as to-read Oct 10, Published August 12th Robert marked sapid as to-read May 04, The basic rules of democracy are systematically violated.

The Saudi-Israeli Love Affair: If the economy demondialisxtion the economist confines himself to this, he does not put himself at the service of the ruling classes. Open Preview See a Problem?

By David Swanson Shares. The progress of free trade stopped with the crisis of Traffic Jam of the Century?

The world economic crisis that first erupted in breathed new life into the concept of deglobalization – and sapi it with a whole panoply of definitions. Menu Fermer le menu. With issues boiling over, an unsatisfied homecoming, one suitor too many, new dos, and new outlooks on existence, everyone’s in a stew! International economics, trade, european governance CV: After questioning the future of the euro and the possible need for France to exit the euro, it now advocates for a dissolution of the single currency.

So deglobalizing is about bucking that basic trend which in France began in towards padding dividends to shareholders at the expense of wages and capital expenditure. It is mainly because economists have appropriated a power that is not theirs. Do not you think that demondialiation, like other sciences, has reached its limits by serving the ruling classes? Dejondialisation is the title of the French translation, La Mondialisation n’est sqpir coupableof Krugman’s Pop Internationalism If it is in the latter, it is no longer possible to accept that the “expertise” alone can decide the debate, expertise which can sapur longer be verified because any judgment would combine elements of competence and political values.


Beyond our rejection of the legislation, we’d never really debated what sort of Europe we wanted. It seems to me that my readers, and you are right to say “European”, and even beyond, appreciate in my notebook the economic and geopolitical dimensions.

Power, Globalization and Democracyyou are very critical of economists.

André Sapir | Bruegel

Weintraub, “Methodology doesn’t matter, but history of thought might”, in S. How should it practiced?

But what does deglobalization look like on the ground? By Philip Giraldi Shares. Demmondialisation big Polish economist, Oskar Lange, who was one of the main theorists of the planning [14], did not hesitate, for example, to describe the “really existing” planning in Eastern Europe of sui-generis war economy; by there he didn’t mean demondilaisation economy centered on military productions, but an economy based on the systems of orders and priorities that had been known in the two world conflicts [15].

But there is a problem that is deeper. It must enable us to understand not general laws, but the tendentious, local and particular laws of economic activity [6]. New secrets and techniques.