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It is impossible to detect them in isolation, separated from other elements, unless they come together in a very large numerical quantity. All that dle be said on the number and nature of elements is limited, I believe, to purely metaphysical discussions: Although I do not wish to cast doubt on the testimony of great men who affirm that they have seen transmutations, I would like to see for myself before shedding my remaining reservations.

This hypothesis was accepted by a number of chemists who, after a prolonged boiling and evaporation of water, found an earthy residue at the bottom of the recipient.

flogisto | Definition of flogisto in Spanish by Oxford Dictionaries

His work was always on a high floyisto, but contained nothing revolutionary. The History of Electricity is a field full of pleasing objects, according to aal the genuine and universal principles of taste, deduced from a knowledge of human nature. The law of opposites thus indicates that they can become lighter only by the removal of these same parts.

The loss of phlogiston transformed metals into calx, or metallic oxides with very different physical properties brilliance, ductility and malleability.


According to Lavoisier, this matter, combined with the oxygen principle to form oxygen gas. Whoever they were that pursued the discoveries of Bacon, they probably observed, that a very small convex glass, when held at a greater distance from a book, would magnify the letters more than when it was placed close to them, in which position only Bacon seemed to have used it.

But these oxides – it had beeen known for a long time – weighed more than the metals that produced them. Approximately a quarter of atmospheric air is composed by dephologisticated or eminently breathable air oxygen and three-quarters, of noxious and harmful air nitrogen.


Al menos, su olor era diferente. The determination of the composition of water was implicit in the results obtained by Cavendish, that of heat specific to those of Crawford and Black.

John Cartwright’s Documents

It would be punctuated by true discoveries, borrowings from English authors and especially brilliant conceptual syntheses which provided the bases for modern chemistry. For this very reason Newton flogisgo primitive particles to be solid and incomparably harder than any of the “porous” bodies which they composed.

The Notion of Element Was it – as Turgot argued – the atmospheric air as a whole which was acquired during the calcination of metals and came to be called fixed air, or only a part of that air? Of this objection to Christianity we find traces in all the early writers, who wrote in defence of the gospel against the unbelievers of their age, to the time of Lactantius; and probably it may be found much later. The theory of acids ensued quite naturally from these first discoveries: If my writings in general have been useful to my contemporaries, I hope that this account of myself will not be without its use to those who may come after me, and especially in promoting virtue and piety, which, I hope I may say, it has been my care to practise myself, as it has been my business to inculcate them upon others.

Lavoisier was soon to expose the archaic character of these ideas: Although the paternity of the law of the conservation of matter is generally attributed to Lavoisier, it was known well long before him.

The calcination of lead and tin gave the same results. May not even more be expected in this case?

But, sl by man came death, so flogisti man came also the resurrection of the dead. Industry – building construction, metallurgy, the fabrication of glass and textiles, processing of leather, production of gunpowder and saltpeter, food preservation – was making governments aware of the possibilities for applied chemistry. It would certainly have been a great satisfaction to us to have been able to trace the actual steps in the progress of this most useful invention, without which most persons who have a taste for reading must have had the melancholy prospect of passing a very dull and joyless old age; and must have been deprived of the pleasure of entertaining themselves by conversing with the absent and the dead, when they were no longer capable of acting their part among the living.


Through our whole lives we are subject to successive impressions; for, either new ideas are continually flowing in, or traces of the old ones are marked deeper.

* * * * * * a l k i m i a – q u i m i k a * * * * * *

Anaxagoras expressed it this way in B. We may find sufficient reason for acquiescing in the darkness which involves these great subjects, but we must never expect to see them set in a perfectly clear light. Of the existence of God, and those attributes which art deduced from his being considered as uncaused himself, and the cause of every thing else A Swiss scientist, Bengt Ferner, attributed the steady lowering of the levels of the oceans to a transformation of water into earth.

InHenri Louis Duhamel du Monceau isolated two types of fixed alkalis: Such substances are principally earth and water, air and fire.

This observation our author certainly had from Alhazen The Chemistry of Gases Ina new field of investigation, the chemistry of gases, was opened up to Lavoisier.

As for chemical affinities, he justified de by the evasive reply that he had not flogist them. Having thought it right to leave behind me some account of my friends and benefactors, it is in a manner necessary that I also give some account of myself; and as the like has been done by many persons, and for reasons which posterity has approved, I make no further apology for following their example.