The best way for beginners to learn a programming language is through simple tutorials that get them to use and understand basic commands by making simple . TDK_Man’s Dark Basic Programming for Beginners Part 1 – Variables This is the first of an intended series of tutorials aimed at teaching the newcomer to. The following tutorial is assuming that you have just purchased Dark Basic, and will go over everything needed to start you off. This tutorial is.

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It is called this, because the code prp a Do-Loop would be set up as the following: This one is also a little more complicated then the Do-Loop, but you will manage.

For a variable, all numeric value variables should end with a ‘ ‘. You code should so far be: I will go over with you, step by step, explaining everything on the way, of how to make an RPG.

DarkBASIC Programming

Use the command ‘ Ink rgb r,g,brgb r,g,b ‘. Floats and all that are very important.

Well, I’ve Drawn another image to help us: How would you change turning on the right? You remember turning left and right?

Functions should always be at the bottom of all code, so do all this at the bottom It should now be: There is no reason WHY health has to be anything other than an integer usually, unless you are planning farkbasic funky. Its called text hieght and text width. Way 2- Inc health ,1 Inc, is actually a shorter way of sayng Increase.


We’re still in the process of sorting out the darlbasic code and preparing it to be fully open source and ready to go. You are increasing health by 1, by putting the one after health. Putting would make it one second, actually. Do you think you could put the tut in a single file or multiple files for diffrent tutorials and submit them to my site?

Dark Basic Pro Open Source – TheGameCreators

Now, to change the parameters to pgo it work. Now, we need to refresh the game inside of the loop. There are more functions for this! Thats saying that it will end the function when pressed is triggered.

Now, from last’s tutorials final code, remove this code and put it dsrkbasic what we just put in: That means the rate it will refresh the screen at. Ok, so lets put this entire command under where you make the main character box object and it should look like this: Let him continue or adjust his tutorial. You say this does this and then display 10 lines of code. Firstly, this is looking great Xenocythe – it’s really helpful for anybody just starting out and I look foward to seeing it expand with time!


Ttorial are an increased range of Data Types, a far more advanced 3D Engine with low level access to Object darkbasicc. These are how many tiles you want in the matrix, so lets make both of these 5.

Make video games with DarkBASIC

This command, this precious command, isn’t some lame thing like ‘Print’, Nor is turorial anything like ‘Ink’! So what do you want to do when you click the button?

I have a youtube channel with over Project Videos! Desert conflict fps wip board http: Lol, I knew this fact Grog, but it got me confused in the beginning, so I’m saving the confusion of the others I g2g now, need some sleep, will be back tomorrow for more! The Darkhasic shall be setup like this: What is this doing?

Really the help files need to be changed to only use “float” since that’s what we use for UDT’s.