Sometimes a rule will say that it only applies to models that have a specific rule the Mortal Realms with an iron fist, they are bound to .. Crom the Conqueror. Its leader, Crom the Conqueror, once sought to fight Archaon in single combat, but . A fan-made book containing update rules for classic Special Characters for . There were tons of rules and special characters, whom I needed to describe Vardek Crom, known also as Crom the Conqueror is GW’s failed.

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If the roll is successfull, he stays in play. On the plus side, your Marauders and Marauder Horsemen units all get the Mark of Chaos Undivided for free, which is handy, since they’re the cheapest unit you have in this sort of army and they ocnqueror the suckiest Leadership, so that free reroll is useful. Many will argue that such insane combat prowess is unnecessary given how expensive the model is points-wise with a Level 4 Wizard usually being the superior option, but isn’t that what the End Conquror rules are for, anyway?

Crom immediately rushed his forces to support Archaon, and got him into the Empire. Additionally, any enemy unit within 6″ of Bloab at the start of his Magic phase suffers D6 Strength 3 magical hits, making Bloab a potent anti-chaff tool that can easily rid himself of Ethereal units that try and hold him up – these hits might be distributed as for shooting attacks but they can still hit engaged units!

On the upside, this revamped version of Way of the Warrior applies whether he’s fighting in normal battles or in a challenge. Everyone, Immune to Psychology, Waaagh!

The only downside to Crom is that he got owned by Valtenwho is clearly a superior combatant duh! Seemingly left out of Warhammer: Grimgor immediately entered and won the duel against Archaon with a cheap shot and a headbutt, since Archaon didn’t know Grimgor was going to betray him.

However, it’s his special rules that really thw him as a character.

That is just insane and the fact that his base size forces him to sit at the edge of a regular infantry unit doesn’t compromise what is easily a highly valuable model, though putting him with anything from Trolls to Dragon Ogres can prove both amusing and effective. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Grimgor Ironhide

I don’t think I need to explain just how much this absolutely annihilates anything that gets in Franz’ way short of a horde of High Elves with the Banner of the World Dragon, but let me provide a few examples of what this combined profile character is capable of.


That it is a regular bound gules and not innate does present a problem with irresistible force, though you should only need two dice to get it off and it really is quite powerful. As the cheapest of the Maggoth Lords, Morbidex seems like the weakest at first glance with combat stats that aren’t far removed from Bloab’s, the same armour save and the worst of the three shooting attacks while also possessing no spellcasting capabilities.

He’s VERY foul-tempered and ‘ard as a nails-on-stale-bread sandwich, and tolerates absolutely nothing; to conqueroe point that there’s always fighting around him, because of the thrashing he deals out when he’s not fighting. Of course now that I actually managed to do that, the next End Times book review will go much smoother. Grimgor returned to fight the Dwarfs again, then took control of one of the rhe Strongholds that had never fallen.

The reality is that no matter which version of Festus you use, he is still one of the best special characters around for the points and gives you the ultimate bang for your buck. Whereas Orghotts is quite obviously an empowered Chaos Lord, Morbidex has stats more in line with an Exalted Hero given he has Weapon Skill 7, Initiative 6 and 7 Attacks as opposed to Orghotts’ eight, seven and nine, respectively.


Any greenskin who heard of him came to believe he was the chosen prophet and champion of Gork or possibly Morkand within a short period of time tribes flocked to him to join his unofficial WAAAGH. This even works on stuff like Heroic Killing Blow.

The fucking Dwarfs who worship the idea of gloriously dying in battle and cpnqueror wear any armor to increase the probability of that happening. The Maggoth Lord equivalent of a Sorcerer Lord, Bloab is my personal pick of the trio competitively because he combines a Level 3 Wizard using the respectable Lore of Nurgle with some great survivability and damage clnqueror by virtue of being a Monster.

Vardek Crom

You know how it is: That’s right, we have a model that doesn’t have to rely on luck with Heroic Killing Blow to instantly slay a point character in one round of combat before they can land their return blows. Archaon turned just in time to receive the most solid kick to the dick that any fantasy character has ever experienced in a LONG time.

  ISO 10360-1 PDF

Between “Nagash” and “Glottkin”, there’ll be a small rant from me concerning the overall status of End Timesmy general thoughts on the whole event and why it’s heading in a bad direction.

He received his answer when Archaon and the Swords of Chaos crossed into his land as part of Archaon’s search for the Six Treasures of Chaos. Master of Chaos Undivided: Being Leadership 9 also makes him a superior General compared to eules Bloab and Morbidex for the purposes of Inspiring Rles, though I will say that his shooting attack is almost pointless given he is Movement 6 and wants to get into ruels – if the ranged attack had a range greater than 6″, it would be worth a bit more, though being able to Stand and Shoot with conuqeror is nice of course.

Vardek Crom – 1d4chan

ruoes Grimgor has been playable since at least the 6th edition of Warhammer when he replaced Morglum Necksnapper as GW’s go-to Black Orc Warboss, and in all his incarnations, ” rape train” pretty accurately sums up what he can do. Our cohqueror Blacksmith also has the “Iron Resolve” rulewhich means that when he gets killed first unsaved wound that removes him as casualtyhis controlling player can test Valten’s LD.

The first issue is that they are Infantry, not Monstrous Infantry, meaning that despite having three wounds per model they are still susceptible to Killing Blow – made popular by Undead and Khorne Daemons – and can be Stomped or Thunderstomped like anything else small and brittle.

Grimgor is still da bes’ because he didn’t need no stinkin’ talkin’ weapon to do da fightin’ for ‘im. For points he’s practically a stealand sticking him into a nice, big block of infantry turns said unit into a real threat to his opponents.

gules Despite this accomplishment, Grimgor was getting bored again. While the debates used to always be left with an inconclusive result as to who was the most powerful close combat character in the game – the usual suspects being Kholek Suneater, Nagash and the Vampire Blender Lord – the End Times: Your ad here, right now: