THE CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil. Code of Civil Procedure THIRD SCHEDULE: Execution of Decrees by Collectors- Repealed by the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, ]. Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, Code Of Civil Procedure, Index. ( RELEVANT SECTIONS). PRELIMINARY. Section Pecuniary jurisdiction.

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List Judgments citing this Act. Section 1 – Short title, commencement and extent.

Civil Procedure Code (CPC) – Indian laws Bare Acts

Section 5 – Application of the Code to Revenue Courts. Section 9 – Courts to try all civil suits unless barred. Section 13 – When foreign judgment not conclusive. Section 14 – Presumption as to foreign judgments. Section 15 – Court in which suits to be instituted. Section pcc – Suits to be instituted where subject-matter situate.

Section 17 – Suits for immovable property situate within jurisdiction of different Courts. Cppc 18 – Place of institution of suit where local limits of jurisdiction of Courts are uncertain.

Section 19 – Suits for compensation for wrongs to person or movables. Section 20 – Other suits to be instituted where defendants reside or cause of action arises. Section 21A – Bar on suit to set aside decree on objection as to place of suing. Section 22 – Power to transfer suits which may be instituted in more than one Court. Section 24 – General power of transfer and withdrawal. Section 25 – Power of Supreme Court to transfer suits, etc. Section 28 – Service of summons where defendant resides in another State.

Section 30 – Power to order discovery and the like. Section 35A – Xct costs in respect of false or vexatious claims or defences.

Section 37 – Definition of Court which passed a decree. Section 38 – Court by which decree may be executed. Section 40 – Transfer of decree to Court in another State. Section 41 – Result of execution proceedings to be certified.

Section 42 – Powers of Court in executing transferred decree. Section 43 – Execution of decrees passed by Civil Courts in places to which this Code does not extend. Section 44 – Execution of decrees passed by revenue courts in places to which this Code does not extend.

Section 44A – Execution of decrees passed by Courts in reciprocating territory. Section 45 – Execution of decrees outside India. Section 47 – Questions to be determined by Court executing decree. Section 48 – Execution barred in certain cases [Repealed].


Section 51 – Powers of Court to enforce execution. Section 52 – Enforcement of decree against legal representative.

Section 54 – Partition of estate or separation of share.

Civil Procedure Code 1908 (CPC)

Section 56 – Aft of arrest or detention of women in execution of decree for money. Section 60 – Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree. Section 61 – Partial exemption of agricultural produce.

Section 62 – Seizure of property in dwelling-house. Section 63 – Property attached in execution of decrees of several Courts. Section 64 – Private alienation of property after attachment to be void. Section 66 – Suit against purchaser not maintainable on ground of pcc being on behalf of plaintiff [Repealed]. Section 67 – Power for State Government to make rules as to sales of land in execution of decrees for payment of money.

Section 68 to 72 – Delegation to Collector of Power to execute decrees against immovable property [Repealed]. Section 73 – Proceeds of execution-sale to be rateably distributed among decree-holders. Section 75 – Power of Court to issue commissions. Section 78 – Commissions issued by foreign Courts. Section 81 – Exemption from arrest and personal appearance.

Section 85 bard Persons specially appointed by Government to prosecute or defend on behalf of foreign Rulers. Section 86 – Suits against foreign Rulers, Ambassadors and Envoys.

Section 87 – Style of foreign Rulers as parties to suits. Section 87A – Definitions of “foreign State” and “Ruler”. Section 88 – Where interpleader-suit may be instituted. Section 90 – Power to state case for opinion of Court. Section 91 to 93 – Public nuisances and other wrongful acts affecting the public.

Section 91 – Public nuisances and other wrongful acts affecting the public. Section 93 – Exercise of powers of Advocate-General outside Presidency-towns. Section 95 – Compensation for obtaining arrest, attachment or injunction on insufficient grounds.

Section 97 – Appeal from final decree where no appeal from preliminary decree. Section 98 – Decision where appeal heard by two or more Judges. Section 99 – No decree to be reversed or modified for error or irregularity ccp affecting merits or jurisdiction.

Section 99A – No order under section 47 to be reversed or modified xpc decision of the case is prejudicially affected. Section A – No further appeal in certain cases.

Section – Second appeal on no other grounds. Section – No second appeal in certain cases. Section – Power of High Court to determine issues of fact.


Section – Procedure in appeals from appellate decrees and orders. Section – When appeals lie to the Supreme Court. Section – Part to apply only to certain High Courts.

Section – Application of Code to High Courts. Section – Execution of decree before ascertainment of costs. Section – Unauthorized persons not to address Court.

Section – Provisions not applicable to High Court in original civil jurisdiction. Section – Effect of rules in First Schedule.

Section – Power of certain High Courts to make rules. Section – Constitution of Rule Committees in certain States. Section – Committee to report to High Court. Section – Power vare other High Courts to make rules.

Section – Matters for which rules may provide. Section – Power of High Courts to make rules as to their original civil procedure. Section – Power of other High Courts to make rules as to matters other than procedure. Section – Exemption of certain women from personal appearance. Section – Arrest other than in execution of decree. Section – Exemption from arrest under civil process. Section A – Exemption of members of legislative bodies from arrest and bwre under civil process.

Section – Procedure where person to be arrested or property to be attached is outside district.

Section – Power of High Court to require evidence to be recorded in English. Section – Oath on affidavit by whom to be administered. Gare – Assessors in causes of salvage, etc. Section – Orders and notices to be in writing. Section – Enforcement of liability of surety. Section – Proceedings by or against representatives. Section – Consent or agreement by persons under disability. Section – Power to make up deficiency of court-fees. Section – Saving of inherent powers of Court. Section – Amendment of judgments, decrees or orders.

Section A – Power to amend decree or order where appeal is summarily dismissed. Section B – Place of trial to be deemed to be open Court. Section – Saving of present right of appeal. Section – Continuance of orders under repealed enactment’s. Section – Reference to Code of Civil Procedure and other repealed enactments.