0 Version 14 Berkeley, California, USA April Introductory Tutorial for SAP ® Linear and Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis. Jan 14, at AM – Jan 26, at AM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Archi-Max-Blida. Université blida, Oulad Yaïch, Blida, Algeria. une nouvelle session de formation sap et Matlab sont est un logiciel de calcul des efforts internes, édité par Computers & Structures Inc.

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Documents Ressources professionnelles Informatique.

Formation SAp 2000 & matlab

Kfouri – Enni Documents. Worldwide rights of ownership rest with Computers andStructures, Inc. Unlicensed use of the program or reproduction of the documentation inany form, without prior written authorization from Computers and Structures, Inc.

Copyright Computers and Structures, Inc. Voir plus Voir moins. Computers and Structures, Inc. The computer program SAP and all associated documentation are proprietary and copyrighted products. Worldwide rights of ownership rest with Computers and Structures, Inc.

Formation SAP2000,ETABS, MS-PROJECT…

Unlicensed use of the program or reproduction of the documentation in any form, without prior written authorization from Computers and Structures, Inc. Further information and copies of this documentation may be obtained from: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

D e s c r i p t i o n This tutorial describes the modeling and analysis of a seven-story two-dimensional frame structure, subjected to static earthquake loads. The framing and the static loads are shown in Figure SAP Tutorial Manual 1.

Building the Model in SAP Select the units you want to work with from the status bar at the bottom of the SAP window. Note can change the units you are working with at any time and: You SAP will handle the conversion. From the File menu select New Model from Template. Fill in story and bay sqp2000. For now use 13 ft for story height and we will edit the first two sapp2000 and their grids next.


Editing Model We are going to edit the framing and the grid at the same time. From the Draw menu select Edit Grid. Always try to locate zap2000 joints at sap2000 intersections. Select the Z direction button to change the grids defining the story heights. Select the Glue Joints to Grid Lines option. This will let you edit the joint locations and framing by simply editing the grid.

Edit the grid locations and press the OK button to close the form. Sao2000 finished editing the grid you can right click with the: SAP Tutorial Manual 3. Editing Supports The next step is to change the supports on the structure from the default of pinned to fixed. Select the Pointer Tool icon from the floating tool bar.

Draw a box completely around the three joints at the base of the structure Hint: You can always look at the status bar to see what type of elements and how many of them have been selected.

Formation SAP,ETABS, MS-PROJECT Blida Blida Algeria | Sell Buy

Select Assign Joint Restraints icon from the floating tool dap2000 to set the fixed supports. You can also define other Joint properties including the restraint through the Assign menu. Assigning Member Sections 1. From the Load all the frame sections Define menu select Frame Sections option.


Then import the wide flanges shown in Figure You can select more than one section at a time in the Section Selection list by using the ctrl key while you make the selections.

You will find under the Select menu item many ways to select joints and elements. The first step in entering the loads is to define static load cases. From the Define menu select Static Load Cases. Define a static lateral load case called EQ for the earthquake load.

This will allow the load combinations for the design features of the program to be calculated automatically. Also set the Self Weight Multiplier to zero. The vertical loads shown in Figure can be assigned to the beams by selecting all the beams and using the Assign Frame Span Loads button on the floating tool bar. The static lateral loads need cokrs be entered by selecting each node individually and using the Assign Joint Loads button.


Setting Up Floor Diaphragms Setting up floor diaphragms and specifying the floor mass in only the X direction are some common techniques used to reduce the size of the problem courw by SAP In addition, setting diaphragms makes the structure behave more like a building with a rigid diaphragm.

Repeat these Steps for each floor: SAP Tutorial Manual 5.