Disclaimer: CNC Concepts, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of if you could send me a list of the benefits between using G96 instead of G Constant Surface feet spindle speeds – G96, G97, G77, G To use the following codes the OmniTurn must be equipped with a spindle control package. TwinCAT CNC Axis Commissioning G97 Deselection of constant cutting speed , selection of spindle speed (modal, default) Using the G-functions G96, G97 and G, the interpretation of the S-word (or S-strings) can be optionally changed.

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I believe Yaskawa will no longer support the Yasnac b control since it is so old. Subscribe to eMastercam News.

G96 however means metres per minute. So G50 keeps the machine from spinning too fast for safe cutting conditions. When a manual machinist is exposed to constant surface speed on a CNC turning center for the first time, the spindle will probably appear to be running much too fast most manual machinists cannot run at optimum spindle speeds cbc obvious safety reasons. Guess we’re all different and learn things at different times.

CNC tip: The benefits of constant surface speed

If you work exclusively in the constant surface speed mode, the spindle will always be rotating at the appropriate speed – matching the diameter the cutting tool would be cutting. You know when you face a part on g9 CNC Lathe and you hear that change in pitch?

Mike’s Tech Talk column.

On a manual machine you have to compromise. Before a person can even begin to make the calculation, they must know the desired speed in sfm. Posted December 8, Could be a problem. I wasn’t clear on what to change, I thought that changing G97 had an effect on the way it works.

I know what it is, and I have always understood the concept. These wheels varied in diameter from about 6 inches to a massive 2 foot one. If an accurate speed in rpm is to be used, the person calculating the rpm must first determine the tool’s appropriate speed in surface feet per minute note that the formula is different when working in the metric mode.


I have been trying to get the guys on the floor to use G96 for these parts but they have always programmed with G If you feel you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this post please Contact me on You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. G96 and G97 are mutually exclusive: I figure the ROM has gone bad but the local repair shop and a Dallas based board repair shop say they can’t help me. Then I tried to enter programs manually via MDI on the control and found the whenever I try to type G96 or G97 and hit write, it reverts to the last entry.

I find it peculiar that someone asks a question and suddenly his knowledge is questioned, as if everybody here knows everything and was born knowing.

Posted December 10, I know what the G50 and and G97 are or dobut I’ve never been sure about what the G96 does. I had my own shop after that for 6 years, went to work for other shops for the last 4 years and now Im back on my own again. This also eliminates the cycle time wasting problems caused by constant surface speed just mentioned.

I had read an article sometime back in your newsletter on this subject but I cannot remember which issue it was in. In the early days I remember students saying to me the next day that they had G codes floating around in their head from dnc lessons the day before.

Login to Your Account. In this case, many programmers will calculate the appropriate speed in rpm and run the machine in rpm mode. But if you’re workholding device cannot grip with adequate force, of course, you cannot run at optimum speeds. How does someone who’s been programming for 10 years not know what constant surface speed is? But you must remember to use it and know the maximum rpm a workpiece can be rotated without vibration.


What are the benefits of constant surface speed?

Since the feedrate is tied to spindle speed, as the spindle speeds up and slows down in rpm, so will the feedrate in inches per minute. This is a surface speed. Mori Seiki Sl-1 G96 G97 missing.

To program around this problem, most programmers will temporarily switch to the rpm mode just before the rapid motion to the tool change position, using a speed in rpm that is appropriate for the next tool’s first position.

I started making molds with my dad in the mid 90s. The 1st time I programmed a lathe was when I started my own shop in 05, before that I had never programmed a lathe.

Where diameters changed, particularly when facing, it made a massive improvement to tool life and surface finish as well as speeding up the whole process. However, when you program to use G96 in Mastercam, you will see an initial G97 move at the toolchange.

Mori Seiki Sl-1 G96 G97 missing

The same is true during each tool’s approach. He was so tired he slept all day.

A few cautions Out of round workpieces – If you machine a lot of castings or forgings or any other kind of workpiece that doesn’t run true in the spindleyou must be very careful with the constant surface speed mode. I’ve only programmed Haas lathes and I’ve always gotten the following code: