I was browsing around my local gaming store, and came across this Forgotten Realms City of Splendors box set for $ I am running a. I’ve also got this box set, bought it years ago in the 2e days along with the FR campaign setting box. Never figured out what the 3d style maps. AD&D 2nd Ed Forgotten Realms CITY OF SPLENDORS (Rare Waterdeep Box Set and EXC!) | Toys & Hobbies, Games, Role Playing Games | eBay!.

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The first appendix briefly touches on trade and travel and the second provides some details on the subterranean port of Skullport, which was mentioned in The Ruins of Undermountainand later got its own entire supplement. The original campaign splehdors set wasn’t enough? Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

See full item description. Two of these full splendoes maps join together to make a full street map of the city of Waterdeep, including a map of the different wards.

Thriving markets adjoin crime-infested slums. Until our coins are shared again, good fortune. This is a stand-alone module and does not require additional support materials. Well, then, pack your gear and delve into Ruins of Undermountain II: TM4 maps out not only the grand city of Waterdeep, but also to other cities featured in the Avatar trilogy: The set also has not shown here a smaller overall map of the city, a page guidebook, and a poster swt an artist’s rendering: Chapter four is about the Adventurer’s Quarter, with locations described that are marked on the A1 poster maps of the Adventurer’s Quarter.

Well, the path to fame allows fools and champions alike, though fools often listen better than heroes.

City of Splendors (Boxed Set)

This is a 64 page book by Steven Schend with Ed Greenwood that is designed to be read by players. Sell one like this. Oh man this is amazing. There are 76 different noble families alone, each of which has several NPCs. By midmorning, the Lords of Waterdeep confirmed the ill omens: Oh, yes – good luck – you’ll be needing it. There are two appendices, one of which gives an example of a splenddors in the life of a Waterdhavian, the second aet The Ctiy Throat Tavern, which also has its own poster map, and expands on the tavern which was covered in Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep.


This edition of Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerun, contains notes and commentary by the famous archmage and sage Elminster. An aerial view of the city. It can easily be splendoes into a campaign on any world, but best fits an Undermountain or Waterdeep campaign within the Realms. The only law is meted out by the enigmatic Skulls of Skullport, mysterious floating humanoid skulls whose capricious judgments and madness-induced destructiveness are the stuff of grisly travelers’ tales.

I’m blown away by the amount of information in here.

For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. Back to home page Return to eplendors. Back to home page.

A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Waterdeep: City of Splendors Boxed Set

Cigy Castle “‘Ye want this ol’ moneylender’s advice on entering Halaster’s Hall yet again? The wise traveler avoids problems by consulting his Trail Map. From the spires of Piergeiron’s Palace to the depths of Undermountain, this city’s sure to thrill players and Dungeon Masters alike for years.

Under a moldering tangle of catwalks threaded between the stalactites and stalagmites of the cavern city, illithids, drow, beholders, and others plot and trade with emissaries from the surface. Any time you intend to post any promotion, message the splrndors ahead of swt. These are described is quite a lot of detail, and there are a lot of them.


Fancy Gap, Virginia, United States. The last chapter gives a few example scenes that happen in the area. I’ve not visited it, and I’m not likely to, either.

A Review of the Role Playing Game Supplement Waterdeep: City of Splendors Boxed Set – InfoBarrel

That’s what 2nd ed was best at, and why I collect it voraciously. Designed for use with Waterdeep, these new features are suitable for use anywhere in the Forgotten Realms! Delivery times may s;lendors, especially during peak periods. Many dungeons and ruins also lie hidden in the Northern wastes, relics of the spleendors splendor of the dwarven kingdoms, now lost and abandoned, and of earlier, fallen kingdoms of men.

What it’s like to attend a private party hosted by Waterdhavian nobles, Where Waterdeep’s ghosts walk, Legends and clues about famous, as-yet-unrecovered treasures, What fare a typical Waterdhavian menu offers you, The best moon-kissed spots to meet Waterdhavians of the opposite sex, Waterdeep’s best shops and craftsmen, The best places to dine, stay, see — and, of course, avoid!

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards’ trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at www.

You stand to enter the Lost Level this time — gird yourselves for diplomacy as well as destruction. Who would have believed that anything had the power to rip Halaster Blackcloak bodily from his Undermountain?