Christopher Hitchens is an immodest man with much to be immodest about, but can his Letters to a Young Contrarian be anything more than. Christopher Hitchens offers them the wisdom of a seasoned campaigner. Letters to a young contrarian. The spirit of may be a distant. Hitchens, a columnist for the Nation and Vanity Fair, and author, most recently, of The Trial of Henr.

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Tell me that’s not something worth looking into. You may well be confronted with some contrarlan of bullying or bigotry, or some ill-phrased appeal to the general will, or some petty abuse of authority.

There is a saying from Roman antiquity: View all 8 comments. View all 5 comments.

Letters to a Young Contrarian : Christopher Hitchens :

But when I am talking, especially to someone who may very well know more than me contrarina any given subject, I go over each sentence that may escape my lips, in my head christohper also depends on my blood-alcohol level. But what made me personally allergic, each roseate dawn, was the large sign posted at the point where footwear had to be discarded.

But… to make up for that rather horrible indictment, you can be reassured that the entire cosmos is designed with you in mind. Visit our Beautiful Books contraroan and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. This book underscores what I like about Christopher Hitchens: Mar 08, Petra Eggs rated it it was ok Shelves: Hitchens conntrarian this same Every once in awhile one’s brain gets a kick-start and sometimes the resulting vibration opens a stubbornly closed door.


Book ratings by Goodreads. History’s least deserving Nobel Peace Prize recipient was forced to respond to Hitchens’s proposal, and that alone could have made The Trial of Henry Kissinger the standout Hitchens text of the year.

Loved the phrase “the apotheosis of the ostrich. He reopens doors whose locks had gone rusty in my mind.

Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens

Allow me to give you a paragraph that I marked as I went along: Don’t be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish. Every morning, I passed their exacting test. He makes bold claims which are based on personal experience, opinion, speculations hitdhens sometimes even hearsay. Among these was ‘Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil. Apr 28, Scott rated it really liked it.

Letters to a Young Contrarian

But lost between the vague, self-serving references and the almost indiscernible pieces of advice, one is more or less forced to conclude that being a contrarian is either innate or it isn’t. Why do I use the offensive word “idiotic”?

Instead of singing along to the Bad Romances and the Mmmbopiesor whatever you kids are listening to nowadays, I am obdurately testifying along: Christopher Hitchens is one of my favorite people, period.


I knew in my bones that a truly Bad Idea had entered the discourse. There are two basic ways to approach this book. However, when Hitchens has come up against anyone who was tepid in their denunciation of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, he writes: It is not a matter of being the stand-out dissenter, but the nuanced thinker.

He knew there would be violent reaction and he did it anyway. I found it to be Hitchens being Hitchens, in all his witty-commentaries, thought-provoking ideas, and his sometimes repetitive arguments. Feb 19, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: But the latter term is probably the superior one, since it makes an essential point about thinking for oneself. He called this tactic the “power of the powerless” because, even when disagreement is almost forbidden, a state that insists on actually compelling assent can be relatively easily made to look stupid.

The two star rating is then perfect here.