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Here are the steps: Still no answer form Microsoft! I am still trying to figure out what that means too. Yesterday, i found a lot laptop connect internet via wireless.

This is the best solution I have found, thank you very much for sharing. Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet Forum. Do you mean adding code? Or, does the GPO dissapear when the pc is removed from the domain?

My question is there a way to disable that through GPO setting even though they are local admin. I know Windows and Microsoft very well. Has anyone heard if Microsoft is going to make any enhancments to allow us to hide this? It’s just as easy to open the keychain app and show the password for a saved network.

Hopefully others will be able to use 20112 method. Step 6 is not completely necessary if you have your GPO set-up to handle user configurations and is actually a pain because it affects every user that logs into the computer.


Servicio de soporte al cliente de Microsoft Foros de la comunidad de Microsoft. So how can you do this so it applies to all computers on a domain? So i check laptop of user. TechDoctor’s solution is great! I don’t know do it, can you help me?

For specific hardware-related issues, please use the Windows Vista Hardware forum 8 6. The limitations aren’t dealbreakers for my users, so thanks again! I’ve searched for a simple solution which can be used in a GPO or login script jaafra change the key for all users in a domain.

In the Path field type C: Hi Friends, We have issue that so many outside visiter visit at our office and bring their laptops, we provide access on our wireless. Windows Vista IT Pro.

No “new design” needed. Remove From My Forums. Just wanted to mention another loophole. The gpo will stick when a user is outside the office. At our company, we have a few apple computers jagra. By this issue our WPA key is visible and there is no meaning of security if its visible on visiter laptop basically this WPA key is require to keep secure from the visitors.

Suppose users are moving catalogk with their laptops and need access to that? Windows Vista Networking https: Generally, the marked password is by default as a security network. Office Office Exchange Server.

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I have clients that have laptop users and the laptop users need local administrator rights on their computers. As I know, this feature is by design.


I’m in the same boat as Scott. Create a new GPO, then under: To restore inheritance on the key, use this commandline: Under Wifi status, the Wireless Properties box is inaccessible, so you can’t change the option to ‘connect to this network automatically’ or any authentication methods for your wifi networks. If you want to disable this function, it requires a new design.

I’m surprised Microsoft didn’t develop a way to disable this feature for administrators of the local workstation. I’m afraid that it is not allowed to do so.

This can be downloaded from Helge Klein’s website: Editado gemstechie lunes, 16 de abril de Dear MCSE i didnt got it. Wouldn’t there be a difficult time of configuring the initial wireless network settings if that feature was disabled?

16. Catalogo Serie g Iec Septiembre 2005

With this in place, you are free to connect to wireless networks and you can edit IP and DNS info on your connection. Configure the properties to “Replace existing permissions on all subkeys with inheritable permissions”.

Users can still connect to a wireless network they simply cannot edit any of the properties. Marcado como respuesta Nicholas Li Moderator lunes, 20 de julio de 3: