Restorations of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry Being a Dissertation on the Lost Knowledges of the Lodge by H P H Bromwell. In , Bromwell began work on what was Restorations of Masonic Geometry and. HPH Bromwell. As always, I direct the serious student of Masonry to HPH Bromwell’s book ‘. Restoration of Masonic Geometry and Symbolry’ as the book to read.

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Lorenzo Blunt marked it as to-read Apr 29, On south, in zenith, the Sun is most beautiful.

The Masonic Lodge Floor Explained. Michell speaks repeatedly about ‘the collapse of the former ancient world order and the loss of the ancient canon geimetry proportion on which it was founded’. Advanced Search Find a Library. Masonic degrees are symbolical stages in spiritual development. And it is a conscious effort. This originator of duality, is the Logos, Divine Thought.

Hindus make square astrology charts still. The hexagam itself represents the Sun and the six classical planets. The word herm herma indicates a a geomeyry or rectangular pillar of stone which was used as boundary markers on roads and borders. The master’s floor represents the square generated by the tropics in the top image. The lodge and the actors are symbolic figures. An Organized Spiritual Technology John Michell tells us that his evidence points to the existence of a former civilization based on the manipulation of certain natural elements, and of an organized spiritual technology controlled by priests.

Bro,well the equinox at the equator there are 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Actually, we don’t know whether the people who burned Bruno didn’t know better, or if they knew but didn’t want the ‘common man’ to have that knowledge; but if you read older writings you will see that the ancients had a pretty good understanding of the facts, but that this knowledge was some how ‘lost’, just like lost passwords that we read about.


The rest is for the others that will never know. I am showing you those shapes here BTW, so they are not that unknown.

Restorations of masonic geometry and symbolry, being a dissertation on the lost knowledge of the lodge Cancel Forgot your password?

By the way, a lot of the vernacular shows that it has inherited from Geimetry phraseology, like ‘on the level’. Worshipful Master sits on the East and he has to spread the Light across the lodge, for he is the Sun at sunrise, the Father aspect.

Mercury represents boundaries and limits, and can be seen as the guide of the Sun as well as the soul. Man in God’s image, both male and female He made them. As Mercury’s orbit is 30 degrees, the angle of the hexagram, associated with the Sun and seven planets, we see that Noah had seven passengers with him in the ark.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Masonic Rites and Degrees. Michell never got to the nitty-gritty of the system because he didn’t understand the details of it, which I will present here.

Hasan marked it as to-read Oct 14, You will recall that one of the main themes in the Kaballah is the preservation and transmission of knowledge, which is played out in stories of ‘loss and recovery’, like the Enoch legend of the Royal Arch.

The second degree pertains to the December Soltice, the southeast and the right. Quarterly Bulletin Iowa Masonic Library. Libra is the zenith of the solar year as is also Junior Warden occupying his south position in Lodge.

Altars are square, like the breastplate of the priest, and the sanctuary in Ezekiel’s oblation. It is geomstry imitation of the ‘work’ that is going on in the universe, and the natural order of things, as is the bromweol work in the lodge. Views Read Edit View history. So-called magic ceremonies desrcibe the movements to be taken, but I doubt if many understand the Masonic origins of their craft, or the astronomical ideas involved, or if a ‘magic circle’ even had limiting lines marked on it.


The Alpha, like the letter Tau, besides being an architect’s working tool, were phallic images. Restorations of Masonic geometry and symbolry being a dissertation on the lost knowledges of the lodge. Rsetoration as the Grand secretary.

When he moved to Colorado he became that state’s first Honorary Grand Master. Displaying Editions 1 – 4 out of 4.

Henry P. H. Bromwell – Wikipedia

He was interred in Riverside Cemetery. This is the third Pillar of Cosmos, always elusive and hidden to us it is manifested masoniv our inner Lodge. You can see the parallel to the idea of sowing a seed in the ground. Venus as Isis, Eve, Shekinah etc are represented by a square or a cube. Square six is the square of the Sun. On June 20,Bromwell married Emily E. Resttoration, Peter Tompkins, writing at the same time as Michell was not ignorant of the facts.

The year was similarly divided.

Henry P. H. Bromwell

When Michell says ‘we’, I presume he is speaking of himself, and not people in general. As you can see, the upper case version is a womb in a protective square. In alchemy we have active trinity of Philosopher’s Stone: Using overlapping circles gometry the other direction purplewe see the arctic circle indicated. In his notes on ancient measures in that book, Livio Stecchini suggests that just as the ancients began a land survey by marking a square of a standard dimension, then measure of from that.

By that, I mean the astronomical details. Hebrews, Muslims and Egyptians begin their day at sun down because that represents the soul entering a body to them.