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One characteristic that has been documented within the context of the pregnancy in the adolescents is dropping out of school, a situation that was confirmed with our interviews: To this end, adolescents need to know who they are, what they want and to recognize their own personal worth.

Children accepted eating a lot, not doing exercise, skipping meals, and not understanding overweight consequences. The life of teenagers as young mothers All the adolescent mothers interviewed in this study offered ambiguous narratives about the concept of motherhood. She will stay with us! Furthermore, biporogramacion single mothers who were supported by their parents had a greater possibility of continuing their studies.

In fact, in Israel, Stein et al.

When I got pregnant, it was seen as normal since I was already living with my boyfriend. These included emotions, reactions of family members and relatives to news of the pregnancy, relations with family members, the partner or boyfriend, perspectives for the future and self-perception as a mother.

Where sexual intercourse was not occasional, but occurred in a love-seeking framework, the adolescents in our study reported that it took place within an environment of affection or love with their boyfriends. When parents have such pessimistic expectations it is not surprising that they end up being fulfilled.

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Transparency declaration This manuscript is a transparent account of the study. Alexa Actionable Bioporgramacion for the Web. Faced with this problem, the National Strategy for the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy was implemented in Mexico for the purpose of reducing the number of adolescent pregnancies with absolute respect for human rights, particularly sexual and reproductive rights, as well as to contribute to human development and expand the employment and educational opportunities of adolescents in Mexico [ 38 ].

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However, unlike rural and urban areas in Mexico, conjugal unions do not occur especially early in rural zones compared with cites; in other words, menral marriage is not a problem that exclusively affects girls or adolescents in rural areas [ 8 ].

Accordingly, a teen pregnancy can derive from a combination of factors in the family setting, including economic and psychological aspects. Twenty-nine children 10—16 years old and 22 parents participated in 7 focus groups; 2 mothers and 2 adolescents participated in depth interviews.

Teenage pregnancy, whose problem? The results shown in the present study are consistent with the observations made by Ellis B et al.

Emntal Center for Biotechnology InformationU. He [her boyfriend] told me to use a condom, and I answered: Once I was pregnant, my parents did not let me be with him, and my mom stopped doing her things in order to take care of me.

Journal of Obesity

Patrilineal principles in a bilateral system of kinship: But despite the increased conflicts that usually accompany the arrival of adolescence, in most families those complicated initial moments are overcome and a new balance is struck, satisfactory to both parents and mentall.

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However, it is important to emphasize the effort made by the boys who reacted responsibly to the pregnancy and were forced to drop out of school and go to work. When the teenage mother goes to school Support from the parents in order for the adolescent to attend school was found to be beneficial in this respect, it has been reported that, when a teenager attends school, her life project alternatives are very different from those of adolescents who are not in school.

We consider that the findings of our study may be due to the fact that the adolescents come from dysfunctional families, where they have not found love or support. Subjects Participants children and parents were recruited from a Pediatric Endocrinology Unit by a pediatrician who contacted them in the waiting area or by phone since a record of children with the diagnosis of overweight or obesity.

For example, year-old Sandra married commented:. Children also were interested to learn about healthy food and overweight consequences in the school, by health workers.

Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

This low perception of being overweight and knowledge about its consequences were also recently reported in USA [ 26 ]. These findings match those reported from a study of a group of adolescents in the United States bioprogrammacion 34 ] who accepted their paternity.


The average level of education of the teen girls was short of completing middle school 9 yearsthis level being similar the same or less to levels in the previous generation. Sayra, 15 years old, married. All of the pregnant teens were from low- to lower-middle-class social strata in the Mexico City metropolitan area.

He always bioprogramxcion waiting for me with roses or some gift… I felt very secure… he does not do that anymore. Our findings coincide with those reported by Tanner et al. When the two spent time emntal, the relationship was often fraught with conflict, as demonstrated by Desrosiers et al.

English Choose a language for shopping. Besides affecting maternal health, early marriage and maternity also prevent adolescents from attending school and perpetuate the cycle of poverty and ignorance [ 12 ].

Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

The barriers detected were lack of perception of being overweight, its identification as a disease and its consequences, lack of time to supervise a healthy lifestyle, and a big social influence to eat junk food. Becoming a mother is a way to conquer new respect and become a complete woman as defined by the surrounding society. J Abnorm Child Psychol. Before any action can be taken, the target population and its needs, as well as the services intended to be implemented, must be identified.

The snowball technique was used to obtain new cases, contacting teens at school, in their homes, or in the clinic during prenatal care. The aim of the study was to explore factors in the individual and family context of teenage girls that can be present with teen pregnancy. Parents went to the hospital only when their children presented any obesity complication; for them, overweight was not a health problem.

Accessed 15 Feb Popul Res Policy Rev.