Sagrada Biblia [Nacar – Colunga] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. sagrada Biblia. Biblia tradicional Católica portátil. Fiel a la traducción. Sagrada Biblia [Eloino Nacar Fuster, Alberto Colunga Cueto] on * FREE* Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica (Spanish Edition). U.S. Catholic. Sagrada Biblia Nacar Colunga (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Alberto Colunga Cueto, Eloíno Nácar Fúster. Download it once and read it on your.

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In order to have sales, people need to NOT make pirate copies. Until recently, this was the translation chosen for official liturgical use in Spain. So I guess catopica is not much in common to the different strains of Latin American spanish beyond the used of the ‘ustedes’ instead of the ‘vosotros’.


This Wiki in English. The translation uses a neutral latin american spanish. The introductions and notes are of a linguistic, historical, and literary nature, as opposed to a denominational approach.

Fantastic for language learners or people whose level in one of the language is not enough to be able to read the Bible. Pictures are from the viblia.

So, it doesn’t really matter how good or bad theWord is, it doesn’t really matter how many cool features are added in the future, it doesn’t matter that it’s free; reality is that piracy will not allow the expansion of Spanish Bibles unless people realize what is involved and to be honest, although i would like to at least include the Spanish NIV, i cannot do so because i cannot really sponsor another Spanish Bible Sorry to bring out the truth, this is reality, and this is where piracy leads apart from all other moral issues already discussed.


They will get the idea when sells drop, popularity drops, and when there is a great negative blow-back against their “commercialization of God’s word”. I’m a spanish user and long ago had this very same conflict because the spanish resources are quite scarce but finally noticed that with the available Bibles from the official TheWord site I need no more, when I want to dig deeper in the study here’s one method I use, I have a legally copy of RVR60 and in compare view when I don’t understand the theme I’m reading I look into de ABP strong code for us who understand a bet of english it’s easy to find the right translation into spanishthen if I want to look for the morph code I just check any of the greek bibles from TheWord and with the help of commentaries and strong dictionaries I can most of cases figure out what the Bible is saying.

Well, in Greece we don’t have this problem since we don’t have many modern Greek translations. This is unique among Catholic translations into spanish.

eswordespanol / Biblias

Of the public domain ones, there is not all that much there that is so great. Its intended audience are the spanish speakers of the Americas.

Some praise it as being a masterpiece of spanish language. These actolica the ones on my old website Before the Encyclical Letter Divino Afflante Spiritu ofall catholic bibles in spanish were translations of the Vulgate.


Biblia Jerusalen 3ra Edicion -BJ3- descargar. That is why both Spanisha dn English versions of the bilingual Biblia Latinoamericana have the imprimatur in the book. Hi all, If I can make some “what I remember” comments on this list, maybe this would help.

It is a dynamic equivalence translation. Even argentinian bibles use the ‘tu’ that we argies never ever use in our real everyday life. His version is considered to be a very orthodox and reliable version particularly because of its notes and introductions.

It has been revised and reprinted several times there have been 30 editions so far.

I disagree with you about the other langauge Bibles. In other words, would God really bless a sermon I may write if I type it on a stolen typewriter? Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. So, with the help of chilean Fr. The website for the New Testament is set to be naxar next week May 11th, I use the rather old Vamvas translation which is very close to the original.

Sagradas Escrituras Version del Oso sse.

Let me say something about pirated versions and copyrighted Bibles: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.