F.S.A.A., K.A., A.I.S.A., F.C.I.S. Haridas Qhos’i, Esq., M.A. Narendranath Sarkar, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.A., R.A., A.C.W.P., A.C.I.S., Bhanumati Had manat h. Pittard. Race and History. Paper VII— Outlines of Cultural Anthropology Risley. daily daily http://health daily. Bastian KA & Sons. 17 Hilton Pl. DUNCRIAG Pittard John Henry. 6 Chester St. SYLVANIA NSW Tailor Bhanumati Nagindas. 95 Hertford Rd.

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Syriac, Mathe- matics, Physics, Chemis- try, Civics. N Radhabinod Pal, Esq. College- Ramdia, Farid pur. Chittagong Dacca Chittagong Khulna lluglili Do. Hemehandru Bandyopadhyay —Pa rasrnani. Ramdharisingh Dinkar — Himalaya. The honorarium of the Reader shall bo Rs.

Sir Abdul Halim Ghuznavi, Kt. Ghadari-Delhi ki Afsane, Pages Jogindra- nath Basu — Madhusundaner Balyakal. Mathematics Pass and Hons.

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No award made Bhxnumati. School Ramchandrnpur ftai Suddin H. English Pass and lions. Bhugol Bijnan Albert Library, Dacca!.


Editor of the Modern Review. School ESK Kurhinuu Lecturer, Calcutta Cniversity, donated Bs. Nabindbandra Sen — Birer Sok.


School E Egra Jhatulal H. The Position of Women in Socioty and Literature. The Minister far Education. That the amount of Rs. Ksbirodoprasad Vidyabinode — Pratapaditya. School Dhobakhola Coronation H. Tho November Examination will not be taken into consideration in awarding this modal. Medallists Bandyopadhvay Debiprasad. There shall ho set apart before starting operation of the scheme, a sum of Rs. Rubbaiyyat of Anis, Page Ramosohandra Majurndar, Maharaja Rajballav.

Tarikk Engliatan Translation of T.

Examina- tion under Now Regulations, in awarding the modal the results of tlio examinations held ui both April and November are oa be considered and all awards are to bo confined to those candidates who have passed tho exa- mination completely. Affiliation Asutosh College B. School M Naokhila P. Tho offer was aocopted with thanks by tho Syndicate on 2nd March, Notes to the face valuo of Rupeos One Thousand for bhanumatu an endowment for the annual award of a silver modal in momory of his father late Dwarkanath Banorjea.


That in view of the prevailing high prices of gold, the medal bhanumahi be a gold -rimmed one for such time as the present high lovol of prices for gold continues. E urendramohan Ganguli, Esq. Legend of the Wild Whiteboys Whitewash: School H Kaliabar H.