6 user reviews on Behringer UltraVoice VX +. Behringer UltraVoice VX UltraVoice VX, Other Studio Effect from Behringer. 6 user reviews. Find great deals for Behringer VX Ultra Voice Pro Mic Preamp Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I’ve had a VX for about 8 months. For the price it is a decent unit. It is a clone of the Voicemaster (which I also have) and it compares very.

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Yeah definately looks alright for the price. Over time I began to get closer still to a tolerable sound quality, but it is less obvious than separate components. I can’t recommend them enough. Want our best price even faster? Previous review said something about the thing breaking down early in use, I would just hang it on the rack stand and leave it alone. Here we have several stories that excite, opto-desseur, tube-simulation, compressor, parametric eq I’ve had a VX for about 8 months.

Mine is great – I am enjoying supernice mode a lot – much nicer than my behringer.

Behringer VX Ultra Voice Pro Mic Preamp Processor | eBay

If you have, there is the lamentable result. Mayeb i’ll try it on some whisper tracks.

I have a VTB A must when using a condenser microphone. Here is how to lose customers!

Behringer VX2000 Mic Preamp

Type mono preamp with gain voicechannel, expander, compressor, equalizer, esser and other beautiful little words “euro”. But I don;t use it often. Sign in to disable this ad. On top of that, it’s also extremely easy to use: I think this preamp ravirais me for the price if there was not his pops.


Overview Specs Warranties and Docs Reviews. I use a dynamic mic and I have to have the preamp gain fairly high so his pops agree too! As three connecting cables. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

On the other hand, professionals shun the device to the small number of feature settings no adjustments attack compressor simplisticApart from this, the “pops” are not made to hear, but it still betrayed a botched filtering distribution elections in the unit.

Overall not too bad if you have no ear. Need behringerr now but short of cash? No hidden charges or hassles on returns. I personally am using the preamp and compressor.

Behringer Ultra Voice Pro VXany good? – Home Recording forums

In my opinion with a condenser microphone can not hear it! It has it’s use and I will use it good. My only qualm is that it is a single channel unit. By using our services, you agree to our use bwhringer cookies. For the value, it is still interesting as a preamp booster, to repeat, or for public entertainment in which the sound quality is not optimal, but the VX is to be avoided for any work pro but hey, it doubted the pros already seen the price and brand I bought this unit because I did not really want to spend my money because I’m not a singer “pro”.


Write a user review Ask for a user review. It is a clone of the Voicemaster which I also have and it compares very well it is slightly “brighter” than the Voicemaster – but this is apparent only in the most critical of listening.

The ideal is to always have the compressor on. Dimensions H x W x D: Finally, the unit provides decent sound, especially if no one uses the “tube emulation” which is completely undrinkable it distortionne without warming, a peak.

Unfortunately, it was after that things start to go wrong.

Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! In short it takes many days of haggling to see how much resolve the thing.

Xv2000, you’d go direct from the preamp to your soundcard, but you’d ideally want to match the operating levels of the preamp output and soundcard input It is a rack-mount model. In addition, the buttons of the compressor and equalizer are oddly designed, and some functions such as “no” are loaded with mystery View Cart Continue Shopping.