The black A2+ ” Powered Desktop Speakers from Audioengine are a speaker system that features a powered and passive speaker. Each speaker. compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see A2 specs and features. Audioengine A2s are active desktop speakers. The price is right. AudioEngine A2+ Review. These speakers are small. Component Overview: Tweeter. Here you can see the details of the tweeter, as well as the painted finish .

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My setup is a 15 Macbook Pro in a henge aluminum dock and I connect the speakers via the audiodngine port on my desktop dell monitor – it all looks very clean, not wireless clean, but pretty darn nice.

Of course controlling the sound by the keyboard is a way to get around that, but I prefer the ability to control volume with more minute adjustments than the keyboard allows. My other complaint is that there is no head phone jack on the speakers.

What Hi-Fi?

Amp Looks to be a pretty good sized heatsink on the 15 watts per channel amp. Great drive, but a shortage of scale Playing a lossless file of Beastie Boys’ Shake Your Rumpaudionegine most immediately impressive thing about the A2s is the frankly unlikely degree of drive they bring to the recording.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Pricey, but good sound Excellent desk top speakers, about as good as you get without a subwoofer has connection if desired. After moving a truckload of stuff off of my desk I went with the stands they were designed to use and things improved. The woofer is a tiny 2. This shows the bass response from the real time analyzer with the mic at the listening position along with my SPL meter in hand while playing a bass heavy section of Faces by Polymath.


Each speaker incorporates a 2. I simply couldn’t believe my ears.

I’m a picky bastard, so I would classify the stock sound as hideous. The latter is not really a problem, I just leave it turned all the way up and control it from the PC, but it would be nicer if it was on the front and easily accessible.

Awesome speaker Verified purchase: Based on Studio Monitor Designs Studio monitor speakers are used by auioengine and engineers in recording and production studios. It houses two times 15W of amplification, a pair of RCA inputs, a 3. The Bose sounded like the music was in a tunnel when comparing them.

Audioengine A2+ ” Powered Desktop Speakers (Black) A2+B

Rich Bass Output The speakers feature a clear and strong bass output, which is achieved without the use of DSP or fake bass boost circuits. Rated 3 out of 5 by workinghands from good speakers – design not as friendly I am a video editor and needed some better speakers that have a small footprint. Rated 3 out of 5 by Singleframe from Great desktop speakers ISO woofer I love these speakers, but I give them three stars because they’re not a complete speaker system as sold.

I can hear distortion either from the port, or the woofer voice coil bottoming out. Free Expedited Shipping bsbrsfbqcdyxuuxtyradeuczvuvczraeybuuz.

Audioengine A2 Desktop Speakers Black. Cabinets To minimize unwanted resonances and distortion, Audioengine cabinets have thick high-resin MDF walls with extensive internal bracing.

Circuit boards for the power and preamp sections are vertically mounted for adioengine mechanical shock protection. The sound imaging, tight bass and overall performance is simply phenomenal.


Someone over there at AudioEngine is sitting on a pile of money made off of these things. The price is right — and the size audioenginr too.

Super crisp sound, and doesn’t distort on the high end. But, as every sensible person knows, size isn’t any indication of performance. For our living room which is probably 10×15 they are perfect.

I dislike it very wudioengine because the volume button is audioengins the back of the speaker – making it very difficult to get to. Twice as much air as before, not from the tweeters, from the ports. Custom-Built Design Audioengine designs and manufactures the critical components of these speakers, including the tweeters and woofers.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Gary in NYC from Excellent Speakers These speaker are fabulous, they compare favorably to bookshelf speakers and even floor-standing speakers. Heavy internal sound-damping material is used to reduce 2a sound reflections inside the cabinet. Raising the volume levels and the bass starts honking. Well balanced and well matched as a near field monitor. I am now a fan of AudioEngine for life.

Stereo Output Each speaker is driven by dual drivers.

AudioEngine A2+ Review

A 16 AWG speaker wire is included for this connection. Vanatoo’s new speaker, The Transparent Zero review is up! Getting the poly fill out of the way we can see that there is in fact a passive crossover attached to a tiny little brace.