Buy L’attentat by Yasmina Khadra (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. To do so safely, he became Yasmina Khadra (his wife’s names) in order avez envie de lire un bon livre et d’ouvrir votre esprit, lisez L’Attentat!. 4 Khadra, Yasmina L’attentat, Paris, Julliard, «Pocket», 4Théoricien important de la notion de dispositif, Philippe Ortel construit son propos notamment à.

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So I enter our local temple to literature, which is turning more and more into kahdra temple to the DVD, to chocolate, calendars, moleskin notebooks, gingham lavender bags, greetings cards, wrapping paper, coffee mugs, dolls and soft toys, jigsaws, board games, so-called non-book! This is a very complicated book to rate.

Il grande salto e, come premio, lo status di martire. What more do you have to have before you learn to say thanks? Ti resteranno sempre i tuoi sogni per reinventare il mondo che ti hanno negato. What follows is his attempt at understanding how he could have been so blind at not seeing I have read most of Yasmina Khadra’s works and Uasmina have found them all very compelling.

Hardcoverpages. It bothered me though that she carried the attack out on a restaurant full of children – how does that help the cause? An Algerian author who took a woman’s pseudonym to avoid military censorship. Et encore, comment accepter de attentt pas vu venir l’endoctrinement, la terreur, dans son propre foyer? If you agree to take up arms, you have to agree that others may do khadr same. But you have to know where to put your feet. I have read most of Yasmina Khadra’s works and I have found them all very compelling.


The victims of the bombs, their families and friends, the survivors, but also those of the relatives of the attentta bomber whose lives will never be the same again either.

The Attack by Yasmina Khadra

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Did she do it? Take something that both of us can enjoy.

This book is really depressing, but it gave me a lot of think about. However, the telling extended to the emotional lives of the characters, not just their beliefs- you don’t need to spend a page describing to me the actions of a character that clearly attetat us his emotional state The confusion, the silence; it all seems to happen in slow motion and we are no more clued up than those in amongst the devastation: What have you done with the salvation I entrusted to you? Perhaps then it will be possible to find a way to bring it under control.

The Attack

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He has learned to live with the violence and chaos that plague his city, and on the night of a deadly bombing in a local restaurant, he works tirelessly to help the Dr. Jaafari was betrayed by his wife and like any betrayed spouse he wants to know why. The movie follows the book “close enough.

Anyone who tells you that a greater symphony exists than the breath in your sttentat is lying.

A solid three stars. With the passage of time, you stop paying as much attention to things as you should.


Difficulties begin when those who are living the good life come and lecture those who are up to their necks in shit. La narration, tout comme le style, ne s’embarrasse pas du superflu: He develops certain theories that fit into its world outlook, but do not always represent the reality.


My novel, The Swallows of Kabulgives readers in the West a chance to understand the core of a problem that they usually only touch on the surface. I was in the story to the end. Anyway, I manage to find the stack of paperbacks that aren’t all pink and girly or dark and grisly with the title embossed in silver, but there are still, ooh, at least twelve of them so I stand there humming an hah-ing for a bit.

Great discussion tonight with my book group. Jul 14, Mike Radice rated it it was amazing. He has put himself through medical school and now works in a Tel Aviv hospital as a surgeon. Moulessehoul, an officer in the Algerian army, adopted a woman’s pseudonym to avoid military censorship.

I hate to give any book three stars that has such a wonderful mission, and is able to fulfill it to such an extent that I had to stop, put down the book, and sort out my own feelings about the conflict all over again. There are no ‘right’ answers comfortably to be found, and this book never lets us forget that. And this blank spot is driving me crazy.

Maybe we refuse to listen to them. He shows us th This is a very complicated book to rate. Move too fast, and you wind up back in the ditch. The storyline was interesting, and it gave me some insight into the minds of suicide bombers.