The quality specs and features of the ARRI ALEXA XT are almost too numerous to list easily but a few of the most crucial ones include. This range is upgraded versions of the original Alexa cameras, which The range accordingly comprises the Alexa, the Alexa XT, the. The ALEXA XT adds a number of improvements to the base model ALEXA: in- camera ARRIRAW recording, internal ND filtration, an Open Gate active sensor.

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Camera setup and power-up are quicker, and productions are able to alea faster. Digital movie cameras Film and video technology Cameras introduced in Further improvements included an internal ND arti unit, a 4: This method enhances low light performance and prevents the highlights from being clipped, thereby significantly extending the dynamic range of the arei. Equipped with the powerful electronics and sophisticated image processing from the ALEXA 65, SXT cameras can manage more recording formats and handle more processor-intensive tasks such as wlexa looks with 3D LUTs or color space conversions to Recall in real time.

Permanent filters in front of the sensor: We shot the film in the remote city of Haikou which meant it would have been very hard to get another camera body if anything went wrong. Retrieved 30 August And here is a slightly longer list with more details: Ultimately, for me owning an ALEXA Mini wasn’t a money-making decision but it was about investing in myself and my career.


Going Way Beyond 4K: Retrieved 6 September It added an XR module, which replaced the SxS module. Software- and Firmware Updates. The ALEXA series of cameras went on to become the defacto standard for high-end episodic TV, commercials and feature films across the world.


Too St To Miss: Recording File Container Size pixel. Wide range of media Four different types of media create unrivaled flexibility for rental houses and productions: Xh With A Ridiculous Catch.

The Alexa 65 uses the A3X sensor, which has a This is the same principle of how they created the ALEXA 65, which uses three Alexa sensors that are arranged vertically. Recording File Image Content pixel. However, cheaper cameras with 4K resolution are probably a better deal in most non-film studio shooting scenarios.

On 24 FebruaryArri announced the Alexa Mini. HUGO could not have been achieved with any other camera system.

These include a Super 35 sensor with Open Gate and 4: They will empower you to tell your story with pictures of breathtaking richness and detail.

Find more information here. Argo Birdman Spotlight Moonlight It has a built-in video transmitter which makes the camera smaller and lighter aleza it would be with an external transmitter. Great write up and love the website.

It has the same sensor as the other Alexa cameras. Open Gate ProRes 3. Recorded file contains 4K cine standard width with extra height tx VFX tracking markers or repositioning. The ALEXA camera system allowed us to shoot with very low light levels and make the movie even more immersive.


Arri Alexa

Archived from the original on 23 November The ALEXA 65 has subsequently become the go-to large-format solution for high-end theatrical motion pictures. At the time this functionality was only available to optical viewfinders but was unheard of in any type of electronic viewfinder.

Since the ALEXA cameras have the same type of sensor and we used the same lenses, the style was uniform, even though we used two different camera types. Jamming has finished when the timecode display stops flashing, then the timecode source can be disconnected.

A higher input voltage range allows more flexibility on battery choice. As a result, it is frequently moved from one configuration to another. A distribution format defines how the final product is delivered to the consumer.

A Review of the ARRI Alexa XT professional production camera –

Whether using this monitor or others, the modular system allows for a compact and efficient setup. Shooting through the viewfinder while using the Super 35 mm sensor and particularly doing it at the Open Gate setting produces some truly spectacular, classical film-quality results that are worth at least experimenting with.

Best Camera Accessory of was a busy year like every year for gear release