2. Apanowicz, J. (). Metodologiczne uwarunkowania pracy naukowej. Prace doktorskie, prace habilitacyjne, Warszawa: Difin, s. ISBN: Apanowicz J., Metodologiczne uwarunkowania pracy naukowej, Podstawy metodologiczne prac doktorskich w naukach ekonomicznych, red. of companies namely, enterprises (Apanowicz, , p. 37–41). .. Apanowicz J. (), Metodologiczne uwarunkowania pracy naukowej – prace doktor-.

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Basic knowledge of management and research methods, the ability to work apaowicz and in the group. Contemporary security management institutions must also be organizations permanently learning from experience, and the model developed by Nonak Takeuchi is undoubtedly worth recommending.

Metodologiczne uwarunkowania pracy naukowej. During the course students learn how to conduct scientific work and how to create a professional researcher workshop. CodeVolume 1, s. The Modified Delphi Technique. Identification of strategic spheres of operation of business entities was the starting point for the determination of research material. To well implement it, you need to know the rules and stages of research. Who is the scientist? Discussion practice class, 20 hours more information.

The discussion of presented material, creative opinions and conclusions. Features, conditions, stages and results of scientific work.


Methodics of Scientific Work – Courses – USOSweb

Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Dissertation summary of professional accomplishments autoreferat W4 Procedure of conferring doctoral degrees in legal provisions and practice of the Faculty of Management at University of Lodz.

All papers reproduced by permission. Metodologiczne uwarunkowania pracy naukowej. The choice of research methods and techniques. Collecting data, analyzing and presenting data, research findings, limitations of research methods, examples of methods of scientific work.

W3 The scientific article – specific, design, publishing, response to the reviews. You are not logged in log in. Individual and group research papers. The aim of the course is development of skills of condact research and present their results. Sawastik Publishers and Distributions Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne, s. Course is conducted by a team composed of: The scientific article – specific, design, publishing, response to the reviews.

Oeconomia Copernicana6 3 Akademia Obrony Narodowej, s.

Evaluation of own conception of the doctoral dissertation preparation basing on literature and lecture on the methodicsof scientific workits presentation among course participants by the PhD student and participation in discussion on own and others presentations pts. PhD student is presenting them skillfully in scientific discussions and publications.


Literature studies in scientific work. Communication from the Commission on the transfer of small and medium-sized enterprises, O.

Methodics of Scientific Work

Quick jump to page content. Prace doktorskie, prace habilitacyjne, Warszawa: W3Preparation doctoral thesis as a scientific dissertation. Kreowanie wiedzy w organizacji. Presence and activity meanwhile the lecture uwarunkowaniw – pts.

Conversatory exercises W1Scientific work, its specificity, characteristics, determinants, types and results. Actions in favour of SMEs, O. Unraveling the Mysteries of the Connected Age.

Overview of Family Business Relevant Issues. Support for Business Succession in the European Union. The use of the Delphi method as a tool determining management of contemporary economic organisations. The construction of the dissertation – successive stages and chapters.

Research material includes tools which directly determine management and operation of contemporary economic organisations. W4Literature studies in scientific work. Libraries Creating a Strategic Edge. The identification of the most important tools determining operation of each of them was made on the basis of the selected strategic spheres.