Surgical Specialties Corporation manufactures both bidirectional and unidirectional knotless tissue-closure devices; Complete range of absorbable and. ARGON PRODUCT CATALOG Following the acquisition of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Interventional business in April , Argon Medical Devices also. Following the acquisition of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Interventional business in April , Argon Medical Devices also offers a variety of devices for biopsy.

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Specifically designed with and for general practitioners and skin specialists. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology PosterOctober Fully featured, specialist Siascopy product, designed for the dermatologist, plastic surgeon or skin cancer expert. This eliminates the problem of overlap caused by other skin chromophores found in less sophisticated systems. This allows interrogation of SIAscans by sophisticated image analysis software.

The skin absorbs part of the light, whereas the reflected light is then cross-polarised before returning to the viewers eye. By filtering out the surface reflection, a dermatoscope allows you to see the deeper structures of skin lesions – for the early detection of skin cancer.

Oil immersion angiottech have a longer history of use in xngiotech and provide a clear bright image. However, the inconvenience of applying an oil or interface fluid alcohol or ultrasound gel makes cztalogue use more time consuming when multiple lesions are being examined. There is also the potential for cross contamination as they involve contact with the patient. Cross-polarised light dermatoscopes are becoming increasingly popular, as advances in technology mean they are now of comparable quality in terms of brightness and multiple lesions can be examined quickly without the need for interface fluid application.

However, some hybrid dermatoscopes now have an extendable faceplate for use with fluid if required, which can improve image quality and give you the best of both worlds, combining cross-polarised and non-polarised oil immersion features. Ultimately the choice of dermatoscope will come down to personal preference, type of use and likely population of patients to be examined.

How to choose the right dermatoscope We stock a full range of dermatoscopes including DermLite, Heine and the iPhone connected dermatoscope, handyscope. It is important to choose the right one to suit your needs. We are happy to give you advice should you need; the table on the next page should also help in your selection.

By incorporating 8 bright-white LEDs, 10x magnification and advanced cross-polarisation the DermLite Basic aids the early detection of melanoma by enhancing visualisation of pigmented skin lesions. The DermLite Basic is a great product for those starting in dermoscopy.

The first group of eight LEDs produces cross-polarised light, ideal for visualising deep structures, whereas the second set of eight LEDs is linearly polarised, giving you a clear rendition of angioteh skin surface. In the sales package: At the angiotceh of a button, you can activate 16 or 32 LEDs. To steady the device against the skin, a retractable spacer with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale is ready for use as soon as you are.

See diagram opposite on how to attach your DermLite. For all SLR enquiries please email sales schuco. Palm-sized, this versatile device offers high light output, large 25mm lens and camera adaptability. As well as an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

DermLite II hybrid combines the unique advantages of polarised and immersion fluid dermoscopy. Either way the choice of whether to make skin contact is yours, thanks to the innovative retractable faceplate spacer that lets you work the way you prefer. Do not use your camera zoom. Your camera is now connected. Adapter is attached to the camera using the tripod screw bush on the base of the camera. The lens also has slight side to side movement to align with the camera lens.


By simply depressing a single button, DermLite II Angjotech lets you toggle between a group of 16 linearly polarised LEDs for surface visualisation of superficial structures and a second group of 16 LEDs for viewing deeper pigmentation using glare-free, cross-polarised light. DermLite II Pro is connectable to compatible cameras enabling you to record what you see. A retractable spacer comes standard with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale. Setting new benchmarks in this established category, this powerful scope offers the most light of any comparable device, the largest lens, button-activated light intensity adjustment, as well as an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery – all in a palm sized package.

DermLite II Fluid can be connected to compatible digital cameras, activate 32 LEDs for maximum illumination and high shutter speeds, and quickly focus via a special focal mechanism designed exclusively for this device.

A removable, autoclavable glass faceplate with 10mm scale comes standard. With a 75mm lens offering 2x magnifications and with the power of 40 bright-white LEDs and cross polarisation the Lumio is a great tool for a variety of dermatological examinations including, varicose veins, pigmented skin lesions, hair follicles and many more.

Lumio is powered by 4 AA batteries that allow a minimum of examinations at 30 seconds each. For optimum ease of use, one button does it all: A quick tap instantly toggles between polarisation modes, and a longer push turns the unit on or off. Capture your images by connecting cayalogue DL3 to catalogeu digital cameras.

Documenting lesions is as simple as point and shoot. By incorporating a state-of-the-art cross-polarisation system, 24 bright-white light emitting diodes for natural illumination, and a high quality four-element compound lens, the DermLite FOTO creates an imaging system capable of capturing skin lesion images with superb clarity and detail.

It comes with its own long lasting lithium-ion PowerPack for hours of unlimited digital dermoscopy – anywhere you want. Simply choose between either the DermLite HR or Fluid and we add the camera, additional memory, lens adapters to attach the DermLite to the camera, digital printer and a copy of Dermoscopy the Essentials. Contact us antiotech more information and we will help you find the right rings for your camera.

The sturdy polycarbonate case holds your iPhone 4, whilst the 28mm adapter ring connects to the viewing area of your DermLite II or DL3, the connection even allows you to rotate your DermLite as desired, with stops every 15 degrees. Conveniently, the DermLite iPhone 4 case leaves all iPhone jacks and buttons accessible and is no bulkier than most consumer-grade cases. Add its superior scratch and impact protection to the list of reasons why you can keep it attached to your iPhone all the time, even when you are not doing dermoscopy.

As our camera stock and offers are always changing it is best to look at our website for the most current models and pricing. Heine Delta 20 3. The handyscope is a revolution in the world of dermoscopy, allowing you to convert your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 into a digital dermatoscope to take polarised mole pictures where ever and whenever you want!

Thus handyscope lifts handheld dermoscopy to a new quality level. The first of its kind in the world! The imaging system takes skin cancer diagnosis to the highest level!


It supports the user in the early detection of malignant melanoma as well as in the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer eg basal cell carcinoma or actinic keratosis. FotoFinder will increase your diagnostic accuracy and will avoid unnecessary surgery. The table on page 34 shows what each system includes: Weighing only 9 kg the portable is currently the lightest FotoFinder system and is perfectly suited for mobile clinicians.

The system is equipped with a future-proof SQL database and combines design and portability with all the FotoFinder benefits! This system is available as Silver with a medicam camera or Gold with a medicam HD high definition camera please specify model on order. Price includes installation and half-day staff training In the sales package: It provides the easiest, most reliable means of accurately comparing and tracking subtle changes to lesions over the entire patient life. The mobile and height adjustable FotoFinder tower that this system offers is truly versatile, satisfying the highest demands of standardised image capture for busy clinics.


For whole body photos the digital camera can be easily positioned along the backside of the tower tripod to achieve consistent clinical images every time.

For lesions that need closer attention, switch to a microscopic view by simply removing the medicam camera from the tripod. Price includes installation and half-day staff training total body mapping www.

Includes an optical quality ground glass 4-diopter 2x magnification lens.

Applications include diagnosis of: With its flexible arm and head you can easily adjust the lamp for your personal needs. FL is supplied with HF ballast as standard. The parallel motion feature of the spring balanced arm ensures that the shade remains horizontal to the work surface irrispective of the number of times the arm is moved.

Electrosurgery is commonly used in dermatological, gynecological, cardiac, plastic, ENT, maxillofacial, orthopaedic, urological, neuro and general surgical procedures.

Electrosurgical devices have many benefits including the ability to cut precisely with limited tissue drag and blood loss. Such devices can also be used to help prevent blood loss during surgery. Fulguration occurs when an electrode is held just above the skin and a shower of sparks is transferred to the skins surface. This causes carbonisation or charring and the charred tissue acts as an insulator preventing deeper tissue damage. Although this method looks dramatic the tissue destruction is more superficial than that of desiccation or coagulation.

Desiccation is achieved by placing an electrode in good electrical contact with cqtalogue skin so that no sparks are generated. This achieves a deeper level of tissue damage but not as deep as coagulation.

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There are two types of coagulation: Monopolar haemostatis is achieved via a single electrode that is in contact with the tissue. During the process high power is applied to the tissue for a limited period of time causing it to sear without sticking. Bipolar coagulation occurs when two electrodes are brought to the tissue with bipolar forceps.

The flow of current between the tips of the forceps precisely coagulates the intervening tissue sealing blood vessels. The radiowaves are generated by a radiosurgery unit which consists of an electrodes, ground plate and transformer. Radiofrequency surgery involves the passage of radiowaves frequency 1.

The commonest frequency used is 4 MHz Advantages of radiosurgery include: What is the difference between electrosurgery and radiofrequency surgery?

In radiofrequency surgery the tissue serves as the resistance instead of the electrode. This means there is no heating of the radiofrequency micro-fibre electrode, instead, the intracellular tissue water provides the resistance and vaporises without the heat and damage seen in electrosurgery.

This tissue vaporisation also results in significant haemostasis stopping of the flow of blood without actually burning the tissue. In addition, there is no danger of shocking or burning the patient. This effectively means less damage, less post-operative pain, faster healing, less blood loss and better healing.

The Coa-Comp M is an intelligent low powered automatic bipolar coagulator. Bipolar coagulation starts when the blood vessel is grasped between the forceps and ceases automatically when coagulation is achieved. The Hyfrecator is perfect for minor electrosurgery procedures, including use in Dermatology, Vasectomy and Podiatry.

The clinician has the option to perform: